Your washing machine works hard! Whether washing your clothes for a day at the office or rinsing out the mud from a day on the ball field, the washer takes on a big role in keeping your clothes looking their best.

Because of this, you may need to put in a little extra effort so that the machine will work well today and in the future. After all, your washing machine is a big investment.


These tips will help you get the most out of your washer and possibly prevent you from making a service call!

Level Your Machine

Your washing machine is very heavy, and it moves around quite a bit in the course of running a load of laundry. Because of this, it is quite easy for the machine to become unleveled. A machine that isn’t level will make noise when it runs, will wear out more quickly and will not wash the clothes as well. Taking the simple step to level out your machine is an easy way to help keep the machine in good order.

Surface Cleaning

The outside of your washing machine can get dirty or grimy over time. If it is a painted exterior, you should be fine to wash it with some multi-purpose cleaner. However, if it is stainless steel, choose a product made specifically to clean this surface.

Cleaning the Inside

If your washing machine no longer smells fresh, it may be time to clean the interior. Many commercial products do this, or you can run a load with a combination of white vinegar and hot water. In many cases, this affordable solution is just as effective as a store bought cleaner.

Lint Removal

If your washer has an area that collects lint (either built into the machine or because it happens naturally, make sure you clean it out regularly to prevent the lint from washing back onto your clothes. This is normally as simple as reaching in and throwing away a small wad of lint. This can also help eliminate washer odors.

If you take good care of it, your washer should provide you with a long life of good cleaning. In addition to regularly maintaining your washer yourself, you may want to let an expert take a look at it from time to time just to catch any problems before they get worse.

Call us at ARS Appliance Repair Service and we’ll be happy to come out, check out your washer and make recommendations on how best to care for it.