You may be asking yourself why is my dryer not drying and why are my clothes taking so long to dry, even after you just ran a full drying cycle on your dryer. But somehow it still takes forever for your clothes to dry. So why doesn’t it dry at all? If it takes so long for clothes to heat and dry, then it means that there could be a problem with your dryer.


If your front load dryer is only 2 months old and has just started not drying your clothes, you might want to check your lint traps. What else could it be? Cleaning your lint and traps before and after drying is an easy and cost effective way to ensure that your dryer is in good working condition. Your clothes will not only get dry, but it will also prevent fire hazards at the same time. You are probably wondering How to Clean a Dryer Lint Trap? Lint traps are one of my favourite things to clean after every use, especially after a long day at work or in the shower.

Clogged or soiled lint traps can reduce the amount of hot air entering your clothes and cause the dryer to overheat. Which means your clothes wont be able to get dry and you dryer will be damaged. If the drying time is too long or you plug in the lint screen but the airflow decreases and the clothes do not dry anymore, then there could be a problem with your dryer. Overloading the dryer and not cleaning the lint screen can speed up the dryer damage process.

Sometimes the heating element can wear itself out over time, causing it to stop drying clothes to a satisfactorily condition. You can also clean your lint before drying your clothes if your dryer overheats or the drying times are too long. But there will be no point since that will take forever 🙄. So that is why it’s a good idea to have a qualified dryer repair technician have a look and see if there is a problem to be fixed.

If your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry a load than when you first bought the appliance, don’t jump right away to replace it. We can inspect it to solve the problem fast. If you tried to fix it yourself and everything fails and you still can’t figure out why your dryer isn’t drying well. Then you may have a problem with capacitors or another contrivance gizmo, we can help you diagnose and fix it.

We can get your dryer fixed asap. If its drums do not turn or the drying and venting cleaning systems aren’t working. No matter what the problem is call our expert dryer repair technicians at 866-415-3937 to get the problem under control.

Another reason for a dryer not drying problem could be the air hose. Sometimes water can collect in the air vents and hoses. If there is a problem with the ventilation opening and hose in your dryer, turn it off and see if the heating element is still heating. A functioning dryer will heat up well and quickly. If it doesn’t then there could be water that is accumulated on the vents or hoses, these may need you to cleaned sometimes. Free air flow in the dryer is can cause lint to escape, making it difficult for the machine to dry clothes.

An overly clogged ventilation shaft could cause a fire so it is important for it to be cleaned. There are many other reasons why your dryer doesn’t dry and that is why it is worth calling a professional dryer repair technician to diagnose and fix your dryer properly for it to be working again. Even when the dryer seems to be running fine, the reason your clothes still come out not completely dry can be to the lack of heating which is often caused by a defective drying heating element. There are some common problems that can prevent your dryer from drying. Including it not being plugged into the wall 🔌.

If you have a dryer that does not dry your clothes in a single cycle, this means the drying is needing maintenance. Maintenance is needed to prevent your dryers from not drying. If you are exhausted by trying to fix your dryer and questioning why your dryer is not drying, it is time to contact a specialist from ARS Appliance Repair before considering buying a new dryer. And if the dryer stops drying even after the fault has been found but it needs a part or you are unable to fix it, you can Book A Service online. It is better to dry clothes in the machine instead of wasting your time or money driving to coin laundries or hanging your clothes outside, don’t let a broken dryer ruin your life.

Cleaning a Dryer Lint Trap

Your lint trap screen is what contains all of the lint which should be removed to prevent your dryer from overheating. The lint screen is a small area in your dryer which traps the lint from the clothes. To access this doohickey, the cover needs to be removed. You may also clean and the remove the lint with a vacuum cleaner. This will help you to get the most out of your washing machine or dryer. Dryer vent cleaning should also be performed once in a while if you are planning to do this yourself see how to clean a dryer exhaust hose.

If lint is seen in the area, it should be assumed that the drying hose has excess lint, which could change its ability to properly dry your clothes. Also, if the dryer produces heat but not enough, or if it gets too hot, clean the lint traps to make sure they are not clogged with lint. Lint can accumulate on the hose, exposing you to dangerous fire hazard and wet clothing. Clogged dryer fans are a common reason why dryers take too long to dry, but it’s not just problems with the fans, the outlet valves can cause your dryer to dry badly as well.

The reason for dryers not drying can be from a number of problems, some of them may have an easy solution. If your dryer doesn’t work or takes too long to dry. Don’t waste time trying to find the problem yourself, let one of our certified and experienced technicians help you get your dryer back to drying like before. Contact ARS Appliance Repair today!