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How did your last DIY appliance installation go? We understand if you’d rather not talk about it. What if there was a simpler alternative to all that unnecessary hassle? We bet you’d love to try it. Well, lucky for you, we have brought all your appliance installation solutions closer to you.

With ARS appliance repair service, you can kiss all the cumbersome appliance repair and installation tasks goodbye and let us handle everything for you. Our professional appliance installers have all it takes to perform a quick and quality installation. From simple to complex installations, we never compromise on quality.

Don’t wait until you learn the hard way about the complexities of installing your appliance. Save yourself the trouble and the extra cash by involving a reputable appliance installation service. ARS will handle all your home appliance installations from laundry appliances to kitchen appliances and everything else in between. We have extensive experience in handling different appliance brands and the needed expertise to install diverse home appliances.

Local appliance installation service

Looking for a fast, reliable, and trustworthy appliance installation Toronto technician? Your search ends here. Our presence can be felt and seen all over the Greater Toronto Area as well as Southern Ontario. We have been delivering the best appliances installation services in these service areas. As a result, both our track record and the clients we have served speak of our excellence.

To be the best-rated appliance repair service in Toronto and GTA requires an undying commitment to customer satisfaction. That tells you how much passion, care, and prowess we inject into every appliance task handed to us. The best part is that we are eager and ready to do the same for you as soon as you book with us. We will immediately dispatch a well-trained and experienced appliance installer to your location who will quickly assess your situation before recommending the best installation procedure. That’s just how thorough we are. Get started today!

Our Appliance Installation Services

Appliances installation services at ARS are wide-ranging and cover both gas and electric home appliances. If you are ready to request an installation service in Toronto, check out what you can expect from us.

1. High-End Appliance Installation

The days of plug-and-play are almost history. If you are dealing with a high-end appliance, the installation expertise needed goes beyond your understanding of the product manual or a simple tutorial.

Lucky for you, our appliance installers are well versed in both regular and high-end appliance installations. The advancement in technology has largely shaped the way appliance manufacturers innovate their products. Today, you are likely to have more new and smarter home appliance models than most people did a decade ago.

Such rapid innovations require new knowledge in the installation and operation of the appliances. What better way to stay ahead of these inventions than to work closely with an appliance expert? ARS will easily sort you out.

2. Washing Machines Installation

A washing machine that’s not cleaning your clothes properly is not a good return on investment. But what if the problem is preventable through professional installation?

As you install the washing machine, there are certain critical aspects to consider, such as your home’s plumbing fixtures, power source, as well as drainage system. If you overlook these factors, you are also overlooking the machine requirements needed for optimal operation.

To ensure the washer is washing and rinsing your laundry as expected, you need to provide the right water supply hoses, valves, standpipe, and the proper power lines. This can only happen when you involve a highly esteemed appliance installation service in Toronto.

Our technicians are well-trained to hook up your washer to the right plumbing and power source at an affordable rate to ensure you never have to worry about partially cleaned clothes.

3. Refrigerators Installation

Excited about your brand-new refrigerator? Congratulations on the upgrade? So, now what? The installation part is where your headache begins. If you thought you are just going to offload the fridge, unpack it, and simply plug it into a power source, that’s where you went wrong.

Installing a new fridge demands more than that. Modern refrigerators come built-in with freezers, ice makers, evaporators, condensers, defrosters, and other advanced smart components that require expert servicing. Unless you are that expert, leave the refrigerator alone.

A highly trained expert understands the complexity of your new refrigerator and knows just the right water line and energy source to match the appliance’s requirements. ARS technicians are equipped to install all refrigerator makes and models. So, let us help you.

4. Ovens and Stoves Installation

Is it time to replace your built-in oven, cooktop, or range hood microwave? If it is, entrust the sophisticated job to an appliance expert. At ARS, we provide same-day oven and stove installation services to make sure the day doesn’t end without baking your favorite pastry.

Your kitchen is never complete without a properly installed oven and stove. That’s why you must involve an expert for all the needful electrical, gas, and ventilation connections. Our oven and stove specialists will install, assemble, and mount your brand new appliances safely, reliably, and fast so you don’t have to put on hold any cooking plans.

5. Dryers Installation

What does a professional dryer installation mean? It means additional benefits in form of prolonged appliance lifespan and safety around the home. A dryer that is improperly hooked and vented may be exposed to moisture damage through mold and mildew buildup. Moreover, if it happens to be a gas dryer, chances of carbon monoxide concentration and the risk of a fire are higher.

But why risk all that when you can affordably hire a top-rated appliance installer in Toronto? Get in touch with ARS for proper and durable installations.

6. Dishwasher Installation

Have you ever thought about what life would be without a properly functioning dishwasher? Hectic! That’s the word. Just imagine how this important appliance simplifies your life. If it’s that important to you, why not just hire an expert to hook it correctly and afford it the right maintenance?

Our technicians understand the importance of having clean utensils in the house without having to wash them yourself. As such, they will connect your dishwasher to your water supply line and drainage system properly to ensure your dishes are ever clean.

7. Household major appliances

Your household appliances contribute significantly to your daily living enjoyment. We understand that much. From microwaves, water heaters, air conditioners, TVs, HVAC systems, toasters, kettles, to trash compactors, our technicians are highly knowledgeable about all household appliance makes and models. As a result, we could have your new appliance up and running within the same day of purchase.

Frequently Asked Appliance Installation Questions

Some of the commonest questions our Toronto clients often ask us include:

1. Can I Book in Advance?

Yes, you can. Although we provide emergency appliance services, we are also flexible enough to suit your convenience. Simply call us and let us know the schedule that best suits you.

2. Can I Get an Estimate?

Yes, we can send you an estimate. We are ever transparent with our clients and before you book a service, we can provide you with an estimate to help you determine the value for money you are getting from us.

3. How Do I Contact You?

Once you are ready to schedule an appointment, contact us with your details and the service you require. We will immediately dispatch a technician to your location for fast and efficient services.

4. How Long Will it Take?

We can only be sure of that as soon as we know your appliance brand and model in addition to where you need it. To avoid inconveniencing you, we are always upfront with our service estimates.

5. Why Choose Our Team?

Our team of appliance installers is diverse and highly skilled to handle all major kitchen and laundry appliance makes and models. We cover a wide service area and are always prompt in our response.

We are ranked top in Toronto because of our unique focus on customer satisfaction. With a team of experienced technicians at your disposal, you can be sure to have your appliance up and running any time of day!

Professional Appliance Installation Services

Want a hassle-free appliance repair or installation that doesn’t take away your peace of mind? Bring on board a professional installation technician with solid experience, and you can put your worries to rest. Whether you are looking for a washer and dryer installation service or a new fridge installation service, we’ve got it all covered.

Installing a home appliance is not a breeze as many people assume. It is a complex process that if done without the input of a professional, may result in appliance malfunction, accidents, and money loss. The installation process has certain major aspects and components, such as handling water lines and filters, that only an expert can handle.

Furthermore, a successful installation demands that the person performing the delicate task be knowledgeable about all makes and models of major home appliances. It is also mandated upon the installer to have access to the needful tools for proper appliance connection.

Do your qualifications check all these boxes? If not, just leave it to the experts. Once you entrust the job to an expert, you can be sure of your own safety and that of the appliance.

But Why Do It The Professional Way?

Before embarking on a DIY installation, consider hiring an appliances installation services expert because:

  • The installation process is complicated
  • You get to protect your factory warranty
  • It protects your appliance from damage
  • You are spared the undesirable hassle

Appliance brands we install

When hiring appliance installers in Toronto, it is imperative that you find out the home appliance brands they are authorized to specialize in. At ARS, we are diverse. Our rich home appliance knowledge and experience has opened us up to most appliance brands including:

Why hire Appliance Repair Service?

If you don’t know where to find a reliable appliance installation Toronto service, ARS is a safe place to start.

Why choose our appliance installation services?

  • Free online quotation
  • Transparent pricing
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Certified and insured technicians
  • Keen eye on quality
  • Same day service
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Prompt follow up service
  • Available 24/7/365

Experiencing trouble with that appliance installation or repair? Call us today to enjoy the services of a reputable appliance installer firsthand without blowing your budget or sacrificing your peace of mind.

ARS REPAIR & INSTALLATION - Appliance Repair Service IconARS REPAIR & INSTALLATION - Appliance Repair Service

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4.5 695 reviews

  • Avatar Jessica Weisz ★★★★★ a year ago
    Phenomenal service! They even have a handy site where you can know what spot you are in the technician's day and how far along they are in their list. Super handy to having a better idea of when the technician will arrive.
  • Avatar Janet Bizyk ★★★★★ a year ago
    From our experience today, I would strongly recommend ARS. Steve arrived as scheduled and examined the washer in a very knowledgeable, professional manner. Explained in detail all avenues concerned, discussed the issue with the washer … More and solved our problem. Great job and thank you Steve.
  • Avatar Bernard Oeltjen ★★★★★ a year ago
    Dishwasher was broken and wouldn't drain properly. Tried to repair ourselves but was getting stuck. Called ARS to schedule a repair visit. Noah kindly walked us through the basics of the drain process on the phone. We decided to … More try one more thing based off the call before booking them and it worked! Thanks Noah for your great service and knowledge expertise. Will definitely call ARS again in the future.
  • Avatar nicola dent ★★★★★ a year ago
    Peter was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. He took the time to diagnose the issue with my dishwasher and then followed by explaining and showing me exactly what the issue was. He explained his plan to fix the issue and identified … More the potential issues that would follow should additional work or parts be needed. Luckily his first solution worked perfectly. He stayed to ensure a test of the dishwasher worked and that I was happy with the resolution. He also took the time to explain a separate issue I was having with the fridge while we were waiting for the dishwasher test to happen. Peter was a great technician to have on their team - very knowledgeable, professional and personal... great experience and highly recommended.
  • Avatar mary A. ★★★★★ a year ago
    What a great customer service! We had a noise problem with our fridge and had a wonderful and very knowledgeable technician who figured out the problem in a few seconds. THANK YOU PETER! Peter went above and beyond his responsibilities … More to make sure the fridge works well. The problem was solved and the fridge is working properly. I'm very happy and thankful for the great service.
  • Avatar Mark I ★★★★★ a year ago
    ARS completed another great repair/service call! A very efficient operation (email reminders, technician tracking, phone reminders) that prides itself on making sure your repair person is there on time. The service person himself, at … More least the one that visited us, was great! Cleaned up after themselves and were very fast.

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