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Roper appliances are ultra-modern washers and dryers that are used by individuals who want the best experience while doing their laundry, from the comfort of their homes. The laundry appliance company is known for creating the best washing machines and dryers.

Roper appliances work effectively to meet your washing needs, but on some occasions, they might have some faults which might need immediate attention.

It is understandable that you may want to handle the fixing yourself, but to avoid further destruction, its best to call on a professional repair service like ours. At ARS Appliance Repairs and Installation, we can successfully repair your electronic device to its normal working condition. These are the main repair works we carry out in our company;

Roper Washer Repair


  • Improper drainage

Issues concerning drainage may be caused by a blocked drain hose or faulty pumps. In some cases, some foreign objects might be lodged in the tub or basket.

  • Washing machine leaking water

If your washing machine is leaking water, it might be as a result of a broken drain hose or a fill hose. Sometimes, we go the extra mile by checking other parts such as the Water-inlet valve, tub, tub seals, and the drain pump.

  • Failure to dispense detergent

The main reason why your detergent might not be dispensing properly might be as a result of a clogged dispenser. We can handle that.

  • Loud sounds emanating from washer

There are numerous sounds which indicate a faulty washer. These sounds include; clicking, gurgling, humming or buzzing. If you observe that your washer has strange sounds it might be as a result of a blocked drain or a clogged hose.

  • Odors

Musty and damp smells in your washing machine are big NOs. While it is normal for your washer to have “bio-films” as a result of water and detergent, it is abnormal for it to start giving off offensive smells, it might be an indication of microbial growth.

  • Inability to finish a wash cycle
  • Poor drainage
  • Failure to spin properly

If your Roper Washer is not spinning properly, it might be as a result of a defective switch or a blocked drain pump. Sometimes, faulty belts or inactive drive motor might affect how your device spins.

Roper Dryer Repair


  • Strange noise

Defective glides may cause unusual noise such as thumping, squeaking, humming and squealing in your dryer, faulty blower wheels, worn-out drum support rollers, and worn-out belts.

  • Lack of heat
  • Overheating
  • Clothes coming out wrinkled

Your dryer is supposed to keep your clothes clean, if you observe that your clothes are leaving your dryer wrinkled, it might be as a result of extremely high temperatures or that the device’s wash/dry cycles are incorrect.

  • Faulty door switch
  • Thermostat
  • If your device’s thermostat is faulty, it might affect its functionality.
  • Lengthened drying time
  • Failure of dryer to power on

There might be a throng of reasons why your dryer may refuse to turn on. One of such is a tripped breaker or a faulty outlet. We have observed that on some occasions, your dryer might fail to start because your power cords have become worn out. Faulty terminal blocks are another culprit to consider when we are troubleshooting problems which may cause you Roper dryer stay off.

  • Drums which do not tumble

Our years of experience has made us at ARS Appliance Repair, and Installation understands that failure of the dryer’s drum to tumble is caused mainly by a defective fan belt. In rare cases, we have discovered that the drums may not tumble as a result of worn-out drum support rollers. Our group of experts are certified in repairing washers and dryers created by the Roper brand if your device has malfunctioned recently, please reach out to us.

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