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Wine Cooler Not Working?

If you are a wine enthusiast, a wine cooler is a convenient way to cool and store wine. They allow you to store your bottles in the perfect temperature so they can age properly. When your wine cooler isn’t chilling correctly or has completely stopped working, your entire collection could be in jeopardy.

You wont have to buy a new cooler or replace your expensive wine collection if you contact an experienced appliance repair company. They will send a wine cooler repair technician to your house to fix the issue, provide a quote and order parts if necessary.


Open 24/7

If you need 24/7 appliance repair service for your wine cooler, an expert technician can assist you at not additional charge, even if you call over the weekend. Contact us today for Wine Cooler Repair.

No hidden costs

You should expect great service at a reasonable price. It’s important to contact an appliance repair company that can provide an estimated cost of repair before they begin service, so you know what to expect.

Keep you well informed

A reliable appliance repair company will let you know when your service technician will arrive at your door. In addition, your tech should contact you while they are in route to your home.

Repair all brands

A qualified appliance repair service company will be experienced in fixing a variety of wine cooler brands. An experienced wine cooler repair tech will be familiar with compact, built-in units, and dual zone wine coolers with two temperature compartments.

Quick response

If your wine cooler needs service today, choose an appliance repair company that offers same day service. Contact a knowledgeable customer service representative and they will send out a technician to quickly repair your wine cooler.

Why does a Wine Cooler Malfunction?

Do you have a collection of different types of wines? Then you must surely be owning a wine cooler to store your wine collection at optimum temperatures. As a connoisseur of wine, you must be aware that wine needs to be preserved at a specific temperature for proper aging. In case you find that your wine is not cooling even though your wine cooler is connected to the power supply, it’s time that you got your wine cooler examined by a wine cooler repair technician.

When your wine cooler malfunctions, there is a risk that your wine collection could get spoilt. In such a situation, you may consider replacing it. This could however prove to be an expensive solution. Engaging a wine cooler repair technician addresses the issue without incurring rather unnecessary expenses.

A wine cooler is usually a low maintenance appliance. But it does need a little care so that it lasts you a long time. You’ll need to ensure that your wine cooler is kept clean. You should clean it regularly to ensure that dirt does not collect in the wine cooler. Also, make sure that you use your wine cooler according to the capacity specified. Do not overload the wine cooler. However, despite the care, just like any other appliance, a wine cooler can malfunction. Contact us for Wine Cooler Repair.

Some reasons that can be attributed to the malfunction of a wine cooler are:

Issues with the compressor

The compressor is responsible for the cooler to cool down. In case there is a problem with the compressor, your wine cooler will not cool.

Reasons for malfunction of the compressor:

  • The compressor may not be getting enough power to start.
  • The compressor can also malfunction due to overheating.

Issues with the Capacitor

The capacitor starts the compressor by giving it the initial boost of energy. In case there is a problem with the capacitor it’ll affect the compressor and the wine cooler will not cool down.

Issues with the Fan

If the fans in the wine cooler do not function properly or they are broken, the wine cooler will not cool and the temperature of the cooler will increase.

Issues with the Thermostat

The cooling of a wine cooler is also affected if the thermostat malfunctions or is broken. Even if the sensors that sense the temperature and convey it to the thermostat are faulty the wine cooler will not cool adequately.

When your wine cooler does not cool, sometimes you’ll not be aware of the exact reason behind this. Therefore, it’ll become difficult for you to address the issue with your wine cooler yourself.

You should hire a professional Wine Cooler Repair technician to repair your wine cooler.

A professional technician will have the expertise to diagnose the exact problem with your wine cooler.

He’ll have the right tools and the knowledge for repairing the wine cooler.

He will use genuine spare parts in case the replacement of parts is required. He will also provide a warranty for the parts used.

There are many professional wine cooler repair services listed on the internet. However, you need to choose a reliable repair services.

ARS is a leading professional repair company in Canada. We have technicians who can repair different household appliances of different brands.

  • Our experienced wine cooler technicians can repair wine coolers of any brand with expertise.
  • We offer services 24/7 and will be available at your premises according to the scheduled appointment.
  • We assure in most cases same day repair service of your wine cooler.
  • We offer a warranty for parts used and labor.
  • We offer cost-effective services. We have honest and upfront pricing and there are no hidden charges.

When you need qualified technicians come to ARS. Contact us today for Wine Cooler Repair in Toronto and GTA.

Call Our Wine Cooler Repair Technicians Today!

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  • Avatar Rheana Lye ★★★★★ a month ago
    Put in a call to Samsung for an oven door issue and received a response from ARS immediately and a technician came out within 3 days! Technician was well protected and took every measure to stay safe during this pandemic. He was very professional, … More helpful and honest. He was able to fix the issue very quickly and seemed very knowledgeable about these appliances. Very grateful and appreciative with the service received today! Will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends!
  • Avatar kate kang ★★★★★ a year ago
    They did a great job and fixed our refrigerator. Their system of confirming appointment and updating customers of technician's status and whereabouts was amazing. Adi did a great job diagnosing, explaining, and fixing the problem. … More We felt confident that we understood what was wrong and that the problem would be fixed. I should also mention that we bought the flat-rate service from LG and it was a great deal for our problem (fridge and freezer not cooling) at least.
  • Avatar Marcia Grimes ★★★★★ a year ago
    ARS has a very efficient email , technician tracking system. The technician Peter W arrived on time . He was very polite and knowledgeable and did a great job. I would highly recommend ARS
  • Avatar Claudia Wong ★★★★★ a year ago
    Rahul is very helpful and professional, he worked very fast and answered the questions i asked. I got a brand new rangetop and im so happy.
  • Avatar Christian Peel ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Sam did a great job diagnosis and fixing the issue. He fully explained the problem was exceptionally clean and considerate.
    I was very happy with the work. Definitely recommend.
  • Avatar Anjali Dandriyal ★★★★★ a year ago
    The service was quick - I called close to closing time, and the repair was scheduled for the very next day. The technician was courteous, friendly, and professional, and knew their stuff. The repair was fast and the cost was reasonable. … More Would highly recommend!

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