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Household appliances are an important part of the house. They play major roles in ensuring that you are comfortable and perform all the tedious tasks around the house easily. However, sometimes you can get used to them and forget how important they are until they break down.

If a single appliance breaks down, it could be enough to cause chaos around the house. Instead of figuring out what the problem is and fixing it on your own in Ottawa, contact Appliance Repair Services, one of the best appliance repair companies in Ottawa.

An Ottawa Appliance Repair Company You Can Rely On

When considering a home appliance company you can trust and rely on in Ottawa, Appliance Repair Services meets all the qualifications. Regardless of the type of appliance or level of damage, you are assured of having perfectly running appliances once we finish working.

Not only do we repair your appliances and leave no trace of the problem, but we also have some of the most qualified and dependable employees in Ottawa.

We get your appliances back to their perfect working condition in no time to ensure that nothing goes wrong in your house. Our repairs mostly take one day, but it depends on the extent of damage and the number of damaged appliances.

We also use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety for you, our employees, and your appliances.
We are always flexible in Ottawa to ensure that we are available when you need us and according to your schedule. Anytime you call us, we will be at your home within no time because we have employees in different parts of Ottawa.

At Appliance Repair Services, we believe that all our clients in Ottawa deserve to have their appliances in perfect condition, no matter their financial status. Therefore, we have tailored our prices to meet every clientโ€™s budget needs.

Also, before we start working, we inspect the appliances and give you a free upfront cost estimate. We only expect you to pay us part of the money before we start working, and you can give the rest after you are satisfied with the results.

Another thing that makes us stand out as one of the best Ottawa appliance repair companies is our warranty on parts and services. We have a five-year warranty on any parts we install in your appliances and one year for the services.

Therefore, if the parts fail within five years, we will replace them for free. Also, if your appliance still has the problem within a year of our repairs, we will come, examine, and fix it again for free.
After finishing the repairs, we clean up the space and dispose of all the trash and damaged parts.

Professional Appliance Services We Provide

Fridge Repair Ottawa

A fridge is important to keep all your food, fruits, and vegetables fresh for a long time. However, you may face problems that make the fridge useless like;

โ€ข A leaky waterline
โ€ข A faulty thermostat
โ€ข Dirty condenser coils
โ€ข Damaged condenser fan motor
โ€ข Damaged evaporator fan motor
โ€ข A broken compressor

Whether your fridge has complex problems like these or a simple problem like a burnt-out light bulb, you can rely on our appliance repair Ottawa services to fix them. You can trust our employees to thoroughly inspect your fridge, identify the problem, and make the right repairs.

Our employees always have a supply of fridge parts with them in Ottawa, including;

โ€ข Water filters
โ€ข Thermostats
โ€ข Cold controls
โ€ข Defrost heaters
โ€ข Compressors
โ€ข Fan motors
โ€ข Condenser coils
โ€ข Door seals and switches
โ€ข Evaporators

Dryer Repair Ottawa

A broken-down dryer could not only spoil your day but make you go through a longer laundry process than you are used to.
Whether you are using a ventless or gas dryer, you can count on our Ottawa repair services to restore your dryer to its perfect condition in time for your next pile of clothes.

Traditionally, dryers were easy to repair, but these days, most of them display error codes when they break down that you may not understand. However, our professionals have the skills and experience to understand the problem with one look at the dryer.

Some of the problems you may encounter with your dryer include;
โ€ข Excessive noises and vibrations
โ€ข Not drying properly 
โ€ข No power
โ€ข No drum movement
โ€ข A dirty door switch
โ€ข Damaged start switch
โ€ข Wrinkled clothes

To ensure that we handle all your repair needs, our employees have a supply of parts like;
โ€ข Belts
โ€ข Fuses
โ€ข Temperature switches
โ€ข Thermostats
โ€ข Heating coils
โ€ข Glides
โ€ข Blower wheels
โ€ข Temperature and pressure switches

Washer Repair Ottawa

Just like dryers, washers these days display error codes because of smart technology. While you may not understand the problem, our Ottawa employees have the knowledge and experience to identify it.
Whether you are working with a top loader, front loader, or high-efficiency washer, our Ottawa employees will ensure that it goes back to its perfect working condition.

We repair all washer problems, including;
โ€ข Leaks
โ€ข Washers not draining
โ€ข No power
โ€ข Excessive noise and vibrations
โ€ข Washing machine not spinning
โ€ข Bad smells
โ€ข Stuck doors
โ€ข Ripped clothes

We always have parts like hoses, pumps, agitator assemblies, and timers to repair those problems.

Dishwasher Repair in Ottawa

Do you find yourself having to clean your dishes before or after getting them into the dishwasher? Worry no more because our Ottawa appliance repair services will help you fix dishwasher problems like;

โ€ข No water
โ€ข Dishwasher not heating water
โ€ข Poor washing and rinsing
โ€ข Long washing cycles
โ€ข Draining problems
โ€ข Leaks
โ€ข Dishwasher not turning on or running for a short time then stopping

While these problems could have different causes, itโ€™s important to hire a professional to properly diagnose the problem and repair them. Our appliance repair Ottawa services help you eliminate the guesswork and potential of causing more damage to your dishwasher.

Some of the parts we always have for dishwasher repairs include;

โ€ข Sprayer arms
โ€ข Heating element
โ€ข Thermostat
โ€ข Timer
โ€ข Wash &drain impellers
โ€ข Valves
โ€ข Motors
โ€ข Float switches

Stove & Cooktop Repair in Ottawa

A stove and cooktop malfunction could not only make you go to bed hungry but is also a fire hazard. Whether you are using gas burners, electric burners, induction cooktops, or electric cooktops, our Ottawa appliance repair company will help you repair problems like;

โ€ข Slow and uneven heating, stove not heating
โ€ข Burners stuck on high
โ€ข Smoke smells

We have high-quality parts like;
โ€ข Spark igniters
โ€ข Dials
โ€ข Valves
โ€ข Heating elements
โ€ข Switches
โ€ข Burners
โ€ข Thermostats

And many more!
We will also help you fix any problems with your freezers, microwaves, water filters, ovens, garbage disposals, and trash compartments.

We Provide Professional Appliance Services In Ottawa

If you want to get the most professional appliance repair services in Ottawa, we are the company to call. All our employees have acquired the required knowledge and skills from reputable institutions. They have also taken and passed all the required tests to qualify them for the job.

We have also been in the business for a long time, which has given us the experience and exposure we need to handle any problem you may have with any of your appliances.

We are a licensed Ottawa company, which means we have met all the qualifications for running our business. We have insurance that ensures that we compensate you if any damages or injuries occur at your home when working.

If you need to talk to any of our Ottawa clients or read reviews to ascertain the quality of our services, we provide you with the information you need.

Authorized And Factory Licensed On All Major Appliance Brands

You do not have to worry about the brand of your appliances because we are authorized and factory-licensed by all the major brands to conduct repairs on their appliances. We also get all our parts directly from the brands or brand distributors.

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  • Avatar Rheana Lye โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… a month ago
    Put in a call to Samsung for an oven door issue and received a response from ARS immediately and a technician came out within 3 days! Technician was well protected and took every measure to stay safe during this pandemic. He was very professional, โ€ฆ More helpful and honest. He was able to fix the issue very quickly and seemed very knowledgeable about these appliances. Very grateful and appreciative with the service received today! Will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends!
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    They did a great job and fixed our refrigerator. Their system of confirming appointment and updating customers of technician's status and whereabouts was amazing. Adi did a great job diagnosing, explaining, and fixing the problem. โ€ฆ More We felt confident that we understood what was wrong and that the problem would be fixed. I should also mention that we bought the flat-rate service from LG and it was a great deal for our problem (fridge and freezer not cooling) at least.
  • Avatar Marcia Grimes โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… a year ago
    ARS has a very efficient email , technician tracking system. The technician Peter W arrived on time . He was very polite and knowledgeable and did a great job. I would highly recommend ARS
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    Rahul is very helpful and professional, he worked very fast and answered the questions i asked. I got a brand new rangetop and im so happy.
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    Sam did a great job diagnosis and fixing the issue. He fully explained the problem was exceptionally clean and considerate.
    I was very happy with the work. Definitely recommend.
  • Avatar Anjali Dandriyal โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… a year ago
    The service was quick - I called close to closing time, and the repair was scheduled for the very next day. The technician was courteous, friendly, and professional, and knew their stuff. The repair was fast and the cost was reasonable. โ€ฆ More Would highly recommend!