Electrolux Appliance Repair

ElectroluxLogo3The second largest company when it comes to the production of home appliances is AB Electrolux. This is a Swedish company and their main headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden. This brand focuses on producing and selling major appliances which are intended for consumer use. They also manufacture appliances for professional or business usage. As of today, the brand has many branches in different countries and is known worldwide for its competitive products and services. Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washers, dryers and hoods are some of the notable home appliances being sold by this company.

The brand aims to deliver exceptional products and home equipment’s that can last for a lifetime. Its goal is to also make the lives of the consumers to be a lot easier and convenient. This belief also extends to their appliance repair service as they provide intensive care and reliable fix to every issue. Electrolux Appliance Repair provides their customer some options on how they can get assistance on repairing their service. If the product is within warranty, a dedicated hotline for in-warranty products is available to hear your concern. For those that are enrolled under the extended service agreement, another number can be contacted for claims. In case that your appliance is out of the above categories, you can lodge a request online to search for an authorized Electrolux Appliance Repair service provider who can attend to your concerns. You can start by entering your zip code in the search box from the electroluxicon.com site.

All that you can expect from this brand is amazing service. It has a team of well-equipped and highly-trained technicians to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. If you have other concerns about service and repairs, their customer service hotline is always available to hear you out. Avail for their service and feel that convenient experience with your appliances throughout your lifetime.