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Brada Appliance Repair

Do you Need Repair for your Broken Brada Appliance?


Home appliances never looked so inviting as they do at Brada. With professional staff members located in North America and Asia, they are able to better the brand’s line production of appliances and work with lots of established factories around the world. Each product goes through a quality inspection to ensure customers satisfaction at all times.

Safety, performance and research are top priorities in which there is no compromise.

The main goal of Brada appliances is to develop high-quality home appliances at a fair price. Unlike other competing companies in the area of home appliances, they pay more attention towards fair pricing and the built-in elements of their products rather than the brand’s name.

Some of the products found on the Brada official website are dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers. Also, under a special column named “instruction manuals” customers are able to download manuals needed for their product.

If you’re in the market to purchase a Brada appliance, you can access a map of locations in Canada and find the nearest store.

In order to contact the company, customers are able to click the “contact” menu and send an email. A reply will come in within 5 business days.

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Brada Appliances Repair Service

Brada home appliances are highly rated because of their good quality, modern design, and durability. Brada has been a strong competitor in the appliance manufacturing industry and it is imperative to have a strong competitor as well in the home appliance repair industry to offer effective repair services to Brada home appliance owners. ARS appliance repair service is your best bet when it comes to repairing, maintaining and installing your Brada home appliances. We have a team of well-trained technicians that are ready to be at your service whenever you request.

What are the benefits of using Brada home appliances?

  • Brada home appliances perform with optimal efficiency and productivity
  • They are strong and durable
  • Brada home appliances are also affordable
  • They can be repaired by ARS appliance repair services

List of Brada home appliances we repair at ARS

ARS is a specialist when it comes to repairing different brands of Brada home appliances. We are tested and trusted. Below is a list of Brada home appliances we repair at ARS.

  • Brada stove
  • Brada dryers
  • Brada dishwashers
  • Brada refrigerators
  • Brada ovens
  • Brada washers

What makes ARS your preferred Brada home appliance repair service company

  • We can provide Brada parts for replacement of your Brada home appliances

Using a wrong or different brand part as a replacement for a faulty Brada appliance might not be effective. Each Brada part is specially designed to meet certain operating conditions and output. At ARS, we can provide you with the right Brada part replacement for your faulty brad home appliances.

  • We have a team of well-trained, certified and experienced technicians

ARS team of technicians display a high level of professionalism in carrying out their duties. They have been well trained to repair different types of Brada home appliances.

  • We are just a call away from you

Having a trusted appliance repair service company that is always ready to give you effective repair service on your Brada home appliances is a sure ally to have. We are dependable ad reliable and driven for excellence in our services.

List of Brada Home Appliances and Their Common Faults We Fix at ARS

Brada Refrigerator Faults

  • Broken Ice dispenser
  • Faulty water dispenser
  • Defective lights
  • Poor draining
  • Difficulty in defrosting
  • Poor cooling
  • Strange sounds

Brada Washer Faults

  • Leakages
  • The inability of the washer to drain properly
  • The inability of the washer to fill properly
  • Failure to turn on
  • Unusual noises
  • Failure to run through cycles
  • Errors on the digital display

Magic Chef Dishwasher Faults

  • Low water temperatures
  • Film-coated dishes after washing
  • Poor drainage
  • Inability to fill up with water
  • Damaged timer

Magic Chef Oven Faults

  • Broken heating elements
  • Failure of the oven to ignite
  • Gas leakages
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Poor functioning of the burners

Magic Chef Dryer Faults

  • Loud noise
  • Failure to start
  • Damp clothing after a drying cycle
  • Failure of dryer to get heated

Brada Stove Faults

  • Greasy surface
  • Failure of pilot light to come on
  • Defective oven lights
  • Weak Burner flames
  • Inactive pilot light
  • The frequent odor of gas
  • Strange, hissing noise as a result of air

Where Are We Located

ARS is located in different cities across Ontario, Canada. We are in the heart of the city center and also located in other smaller communities in Ontario, Canada. You can get in touch with our team of experienced, well trained and certified technicians by chatting with us live on our website. We can also be reached on our phone lines. You can join us on Facebook and Instagram, or you can follow us on Twitter. We are just a call or click away, and we promise you a satisfactory service.

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why choose us
  • nicola dent

    Peter was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. He took the time to diagnose the issue with my dishwasher and then followed by explaining and showing me exactly what the issue was. He explained his plan to fix the issue and identified the potential issues that would follow should additional work or parts be needed. Luckily his first solution worked perfectly. He stayed to ensure a test of the dishwasher worked and that I was happy with the resolution. He also took the time to explain a separate issue I was having with the fridge while we were waiting for the dishwasher test to happen. Peter was a great technician to have on their team - very knowledgeable, professional and personal... great experience and highly recommended.

  • Mark I

    ARS completed another great repair/service call! A very efficient operation (email reminders, technician tracking, phone reminders) that prides itself on making sure your repair persopn is there on time. The service person himself, at least the one that has visited us, was great! Cleaned up after themselves and were very fast.

  • Mario Marrello

    Very happy with the service from ARS. I had called Samsung first to determine who they recommended and ARS was on the list. I called another company first and they didn't even answer the phone or return my messages. When I called ARS, I got a person within minutes, got the appointment scheduled and was even able to track their progress to be appointment..

  • Ariel Ginzburg

    I am very impressed with the warranty provided service from ARS. They went the extra mile for me when parts and personnel were available. They came when scheduled and fixed the issue momentarily. Washing machine has been working like a dream since. Would highly recommend.

  • sajini tom

    Rahul came to fix our washer, he is very efficient in his work, very patient guy, checked everything and made sure the washer is working fine, highly


  1. Lori Kamins

    Our Brada Dishwasher Model # EB6302WW pump doesn’t work. We can’t find the part anywhere in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Do you have this pump and if so how much and can it be shipped to us. We live 1 1/2 hrs North East of Winnipeg. Thank you Lori

    • Appliances Repair Service

      Hi Lori, please use our chat or contact form, or call us at 866-415-3937
      thank you 🙂


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