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How to unlock a locked oven door?

My oven door does not open what to do? Does this question ever bother you too? Have you ever tried to the root of this problem and tried to find out permanent solutions to this? We believe, most of us directly contact the technician to help us solve this issue; what if you know opening the locked door of a conventional oven isn’t technical science.

In this article, ARS shall cover some of the major basic tips that you may help you solve this issue. Let us read about these one after another.


How to unlock a locked oven door?

1. Switch off the power button and unplug it from the switch board. You must wait for 10 minutes after performing this action to reconnect the switch.

2. Set the clock to the current time after performing the first step. You will have to wait for few seconds for the clock to accept new settings again.

3. Try sliding the locked door now and check if you are able to open it.

4. If the above steps don’t seem to help, you will have to perform extra steps to unlock your oven door. Perhaps, you may have to put your oven on self-clean mode for a period of at least 20 minutes.

5. Post the self-cleaning mode, you will need to have some more patience for the oven to cool down completely.

6. Once the oven is cooled down, you may now try to slide the locked lever of your oven or simple try opening the oven door.

If the above steps don’t seem to work, it is then when you would need to seek a professional to call for an inspection of your oven. However, following the above steps is important if you wish to save time, effort, and money of calling someone else for the same.

Top 3 types of oven door lock mechanisms why your oven door is locked:

Why do you think your oven door could be locked? They are not moody, but definitely have some reasons why they have shut off their door for you. Let us try to find out the three major reasons than can help you troubleshoot 50% of your problem.

All the self-cleaning ovens come with different types of door lock tools.

1. Solenoid system:

Your oven door may be locked as the Solenoid system could be controlling it. You may need to keep it in the proper position or else it will give you a buzz noise on locking.

2. Heat sensitive locking control:

In these types of over doors, the locking system comes with a coiled spring to lock and unlock. On heating, the oven warms up than usual and locks the door giving further troubles.

3. Motorized design:

When the oven is in self-cleaning mode this type of mechanism locks by itself automatically. Generally, it doesn’t have a locking or unlocking lever or handle.

Troubleshooting basics:

  • It is logically if you have been using the oven for a long time, you may have misplaced the manual by the owner. Do not panic, it is always wise to check your model number online. The model number is also mentioned on the oven’s inner door.
  • Understand the model number and download the troubleshoot guide for that respective oven model. Every models troubleshoot may differ as per the locking mechanism used.
  • Find out the reasons why your model number has the issues with door lock.
  • Check for the fault parts such as, main board, switch, locking mechanism, handle, cables, or any other mechanical issue with your oven. Even a small bent may sometimes cause the oven door to lock.          
  • Try pressing the clear and reset button to unlock your oven. For every cleaning cycle, you must wait for a minute or two to settle the oven. Cooling down the oven is the most essential thing you must follow or else the oven will further create other issues on work mode too.

If you still are facing problem with the oven, contact us, and we will offer immediate and affordable solutions.