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Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that is used to cook fried food. Air fryers have gained a lot of popularity as they serve people with low fat food. It is now easy for people to consume unhealthy food in a healthy way.

It still might not have a lot of importance in the electronic section at your home, but it is a great option for anybody to consider and is gaining popularity in recent times.


How does an AIR FRYER work?

Air fryer is an appliance which cooks food by circulating hot air around the food using the convection mechanism.

It works in the following way -:

  • It consists of a mechanical fan; the mechanical fan circulates the heat at a high speed around the food that is being prepared.
  • It helps in cooking the food and producing crispy layers with two kind of reactions-:
  • Caramelization reaction

In this reaction due to food cooking in air fryer the sugar breaks down and forms brown colour substance on the food cooked. It requires temperatures between 110-180 degree Celsius.

  • Maillard reaction

In this reaction the proteins in a food react with each other to form bases which then form other favourable compounds. It requires temperatures of between 140-165 degree Celsius.

  • The air fryer works by placing the desired food in a thin layer of oil. The temperature of the heat that is circulated should be 200 degree Celsius for the reaction to happen.
  • By keeping the heat at 200 C the air fryer browns the food by using 70% to 80% of less oil usually used in many households.
  • Most of the air fryers have feature of temperature or timer adjustments in them that allows accurate means of cooking food
  • Food is cooked in a cooking basket that sits atop a drip tray
  • The basket and the content in it should be timely shaken to ensure even oil coverage
  • Some air fryers have food agitators that continuously shake the food while some need the person itself to shake the basket


  • The parts of air fryer should not be cleaned under water.
  • The basket should not be loaded with oil, using more than the required oil can lead to fire hazards or may damage the appliance.
  • Users are discouraged to touch the air fryer while it is on to avoid shocks or burns
  • You should wait for at least 30 min before cleaning the air fryer, to check weather its cooled down or not
  •  Covering the inlet or outlet of the appliances can lead to sever damage and can lead to bad quality of food cooked.

Be careful while using the electronic appliances. If you feel unsafe or unsure about any appliance, it is always suggested to contact the best appliance repair service provider near you.



The most important thing one should look forward in an air fryer is the time, everyone loves getting food cooked quickly. With most of the population being busy with thier business or jobs, considering this appliance is a great option.


The functions of the air fryer should be easy to operate for a person. Hence while purchasing one, be aware of its functionalities.


One should buy an air fryer which allows them to change temperature according to their convenience and the type of food being cooked/


Air fryers does not use large amount of oil to cook food, this encourages people to use it in their daily life. As most of the audience these days are looking for more healthier ways of diet and are conscious, considering an air fryer might definitely be a great option.

Oily food always effects one’s health that’s why air fryer should be used by everyone to be fit and keep their family healthy. To know more about your brand of appliance or for any repair services, just call us and ARS will be happy to help you.