The Samsung brand is a well-known manufacturer of a long list of homeware and electronic gadgets. Although Samsung products are manufactured with a warranty, this is not a guarantee that they will not go faulty at one point or another before their warranty runs out.

If you discover that your Samsung appliance is no longer active, it is advisable to seek our professional Samsung Appliance Repair Service at ARS Appliance Repair. As a professional repair service, we fix your household appliance to the highest standards. Our repair technicians are trustworthy with high values and standards, and have also been trained to handle every task they may be faced with.

If your Samsung washer direct drive motor is not working, we can help you.

How to Replace Samsung Washer Direct Drive Motor

The Samsung Direct Drive Motor for your Washing Machine generally comes in 3 pieces: The Rotor, Stator and Sensor.

  1. Before doing any work on your appliances, make sure to always unplug the power cord and turn off any water supplies.
  2. Next, Remove the screws from the rear (or bottom) panel of the washer.
  3. Remove the center mounting bolt from Rotor, disconnect the wires from Sensor and remove the bolts from Stator.
  4. Replace with New Samsung Washer Direct Drive Motor and reassemble.

At ARS Appliance Repair, we are authorized by Samsung and use only genuine Samsung parts. Price for parts depends on year and model of washer, please give us a call for more details: 866-415-3937

If you are looking for a professional Samsung Appliance Repair Service and your Samsung washer has faults such as malfunctioning hardware or inactive components, our professional Samsung Repair Technicians will offer the solution to get them fixed. Our experts fix your appliances on-site with the best quality, long lasting, reliable repairs.

Common Samsung Washer faults we fix ranges from Leakages, Inability of the washer to drain properly, Overfill & Underfilling problems, Failure to turn on, Unusual noises, Failure to run through cycles. If you experience any of these or other problems with your Samsung Washer, you can reach out to our professional experts via live chats on our website or speak directly to us on call today: 866-415-3937