If your refrigerator is not running or not cooling, you may need to replace the Main Control Board (GE Part # WR55X10942).

You will need a quarter inch nut driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Once you have pulled the fridge out far enough to get behind it, disconnect the power cord and make sure any water lines are turned off.

Remove the nine quarter inch hex screws the hold the access cover. The Main Control Board is located behind it. Remove each of the individual wire harness connections before you attempt to remove the board. Separate each individual plug and wiggle them out. You can use the needle nose pliers. Depress the four plastic mounting tabs holding the board in place.

Remove the old refrigerator Control Board and mount the new Control Board. Line it up over the four mounting tabs. Reinstall the wire harness and make sure they seat firmly in their sockets. Locate the ground wire with the eyelet so that when you put the cover back on the screw will go through the ground to the chassis.

With the board back in place, put the access cover back on. Reinstall all nine screws and attach the ground wire. Now that the back panel is attached, push the refrigerator back in place, turn on the water line and connect the power cord.