Authorized LG Appliances Repair

lgFrom South Korea came the second largest manufacturer of television which is LG electronics. Aside from TV, it also manufactures mobile phones, communication devices, home entertainment equipment, energy saving equipment and home appliances. When it comes to home appliances, the brand boasts on its products durability, quality and energy-saving benefits. They manufacture washing machines, stoves, compressors, refrigerators, Though it has originated in Seoul, South Korea, its products and services are widely known all over the world. The business was able to establish huge branches in different countries.

ARS Appliances Repair provides convenient and satisfying service to our customers. With our online tools, you can set an appointment with a technician, track your repair service and find a repair provider. All you have to do is to visit their site, go to repair service section and fill out a form. You just have to provide some details about the model, describe the problem and provide some personal information. Before you go down and do these things, you may want to check first whether your home appliance is within warranty. If it is not, then you just have to follow the above steps which are as easy as one, two and three. A licensed and well-trained technician will promptly come to your service and fix the issue with your home appliance. If in case that a replacement is required to resolve the problem, the technician will inform you about the affected part. You will also be provided with a new and genuine replacement from the same brand.

Make sure to review LG’s repair service policy before submitting the form. Aside from using data to land a request, you can also call their customer service hotline. Your call will be answered by one of their customer service representatives and he/she will assist you with booking a repair request.