LG Appliance Error Codes:

LG Washer Error Codes:

Standard Washer (Front / Top Load):

Error Code
Error with Water Inlet. Correct water level (2 level) isn’t reached within 8 minutesafter water is supplied or it doesn’t reach the preset waterlevel within 25 minutes.
Error with Imbalance. The washer is tilted make sure it is level to the floor. The load is just too small, add more laundry. Laundry is not balanced and gathered to one side.
Error with Draining. Washer does not fully drain within 10 minutes.
Error with Over flow. Water is overflowing. If error is displayed, the drain pump will operate to the drain water automatically.
Error with Pressure sensor. The SENSOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY is faulty or defective.
Error with Door open. Loose electrical connections at Door switch and PCB ASSEMBLY. The DOOR SWITCH ASSEMBLY is faulty or defective. Door is not closed fully.
Error with Heating. The THERMISTOR is faulty or defective.
Error with Over current. STATOR ASSEMBLY is short-circuited. MAIN PCB ASSEMBLY is faulty or defective.
Error with Locked Motor. The electrical contact between the connectors (3-pin, male, white) within the MOTOR HARNESS and (4-pin, female, white) connector within the MAIN PCB ASSEMBLY is faulty or defective. The connector (3-pin, male, white) within the MOTOR HARNESS isn’t connected to the STATOR ASSEMBLY connector (3-pin, female, white). The hall sensor is faulty or defective/defective. The MOTOR HARNESS between the STATOR ASSEMBLY and MAIN PCB ASSEMBLY is cut (opencircuited).
Error with Ball Sensor. The Ball Sensor is faulty or defective. Displayed only the beginning / PAUSE button is firstpressed within the QC Test Mode. Ball Sensor Connector is loose or damaged.
Error with EEPROM. Problem with the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). The chip is faulty or defective.
Error with Power. The washer experienced a power failure.
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