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Air Conditioning Repair Toronto

If you live in Toronto, Ontario Canada you know how hot and humid the weather can be in the spring, summer or fall. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a residential air conditioning system or a commercial air conditioning system, getting repairs done in the GTA (greater Toronto area) quickly and professionally is very important.

You may be tempted to try and diagnose the problem yourself and even perform some repairs on your own. While this may work in some cases it can actually make the problem worse and can cause repairs to become more expensive. If you look at your AC system or HVAC system and do not see any obvious issues such as clogged filters or blocked ducts you need to ensure that you call a professional so that the problem can be corrected as quickly as possible.

The key is to find someone who is familiar with the kind of air conditioning system that you have in your home or business and who has the replacement parts and the skill to diagnose the source of the problems that you are having with your system. There are a few different areas that may be causing your system to fail. They may include:

  • Pressure loss throughout the system
  • Coolant leaks
  • Fan problems
  • Issues with condensers

Some air conditioning repairs may be very simple and straightforward. It may simply involve replacing a belt so that fans can begin turning again. Others may be more complex and may need more in-depth repairs to be performed as quickly and affordably as possible.

If you need someone to perform repairs on your AC or HVAC system contact us today! We have the expertise you need to diagnose and repair your issues. Please use our handy contact form and one of our trained specialists will get back to you and get the repair process started as soon as possible.

Know about authorized Air Conditioning Repair Service in Toronto

Properly functioning air-conditioners are a must in the summer months. Any malfunction by an air conditioner during the summer makes us really uncomfortable, to say the least. So to ensure that your air-conditioners work perfectly, you’ll need to take care of the HVAC and get it serviced regularly. Besides, in case of any malfunction of your air conditioning unit, you’ll need to engage the services of professional air conditioning repair technicians. In Toronto, one of the leading companies providing air conditioning repair services in Toronto is ARS!

Repairing an air conditioner is not an easy task because it requires in-depth knowledge about the working of it. Air conditioners come in different brands and are of different models and types. There are definitely variations in the working of each model. It’s only a professional who can understand the functioning of different air conditioners.

Besides this there are several reasons why you require the services of an authorized technician for your air conditioning repair:

An authorized technician is certified

HVAC installation and repair is a complex process. HVAC technicians need to get the necessary certification for carrying out the repairs. Therefore, it’s recommended that you hire a professional technician who is certified to undertake the repairs.

An authorized center offers permanent solutions

An authorized HVAC technician offers permanent solutions for any issue with your air conditioner. This ensures that you’ll not likely be facing the same problem with your HVAC again.

An authorized technician is trained

A professional technician is not only certified but also trained. He knows what to do and how to go about doing his job. You may be tempted to think of DIY in case of a fault in your air-conditioner however lack of training and expertise may result in causing injuries to you or in some case permanently damage the HVAC too.

An authorized technician will have the necessary work permit

Licensed professionals have building and work permit for local government to allow them to work in homes for HVAC repairs. However, hiring an unauthorized technician could damage your HVAC. Besides, you could even be fined for hiring an unauthorized technician.

An authorized technician will be insured

Hiring an unlicensed technician without insurance is risky because, in case of any injury to the technician at your premises, you may have to bear the medical bills and pay for the lost wages of the technician. Besides, you’ll have to take responsibility for any damage to your home or devices in your home or around.

An authorized professional will provide high-quality services

An HVAC unit is an expensive appliance. Therefore, you should not take any chances with repairs. It’s not a good idea to get it repaired by a technician who is not certified. An authorized HVAC technician will be able to provide high-quality repair services for your air conditioners.

An authorized technician has the necessary tools

An authorized technician has the right tools for installation or repairs of your air conditioner. He uses genuine spare parts in case any part needs to be replaced in the air conditioner.

An authorized technician offers a warranty

An authorized HVAC technician offers a warranty for the parts used and the services provided. Finding a reliable air conditioning repair service can be quite a difficult task. You can compare the services offered by different HVAC repair companies and choose the best one that meets your needs.

If you are looking for reliable air conditioning repair services in Toronto, one of the leading names is ARS!

We have an experienced team of HVAC authorized HVAC technicians who offer same day air conditioning repair services at reasonable prices.

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    They did a great job and fixed our refrigerator. Their system of confirming appointment and updating customers of technician's status and whereabouts was amazing. Adi did a great job diagnosing, explaining, and fixing the problem. … More We felt confident that we understood what was wrong and that the problem would be fixed. I should also mention that we bought the flat-rate service from LG and it was a great deal for our problem (fridge and freezer not cooling) at least.
  • Avatar Janet Bizyk ★★★★★ a month ago
    From our experience today, I would strongly recommend ARS. Steve arrived as scheduled and examined the washer in a very knowledgeable, professional manner. Explained in detail all avenues concerned, discussed the issue with the washer … More and solved our problem. Great job and thank you Steve.
  • Avatar Bernard Oeltjen ★★★★★ in the last week
    Dishwasher was broken and wouldn't drain properly. Tried to repair ourselves but was getting stuck. Called ARS to schedule a repair visit. Noah kindly walked us through the basics of the drain process on the phone. We decided to … More try one more thing based off the call before booking them and it worked! Thanks Noah for your great service and knowledge expertise. Will definitely call ARS again in the future.
  • Avatar Rheana Lye ★★★★★ a month ago
    Put in a call to Samsung for an oven door issue and received a response from ARS immediately and a technician came out within 3 days! Technician was well protected and took every measure to stay safe during this pandemic. He was very professional, … More helpful and honest. He was able to fix the issue very quickly and seemed very knowledgeable about these appliances. Very grateful and appreciative with the service received today! Will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends!
  • Avatar Claudia Wong ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Rahul is very helpful and professional, he worked very fast and answered the questions i asked. I got a brand new rangetop and im so happy.
  • Avatar Jessica Weisz ★★★★★ a month ago
    Phenomenal service! They even have a handy site where you can know what spot you are in the technician's day and how far along they are in their list. Super handy to having a better idea of when the technician will arrive.