If your washing machine won’t spin, agitate, drain, or is making a loud noise, you may need to replace the washing machine drive belt (Part #WPW10006384).

First unplug the power cord. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the water supply hoses from the inlet valve.

Secure the washer lid with tape. Tip the unit forward and allow the front of the washer to rest on a blanket or towel.

The belt is located under the washing machine. At the bottom of the washer remove the screws securing the belt cover and pull the cover off.

To remove the belt, rotate the belt towards the drive pulley as you pull the old belt towards you. To install the new belt, loop it onto the motor pulley. Then loop the belt onto the drive pulley and rotate the pulley to fully align the belt.

Replace the cover and secure it with screws. Lift the washer to its upright position. Remove the tape securing the lid. Reconnect the water supply hoses to the inlet valve and turn the water supply back on.

Plug the power cord back in and confirm that the washer is functioning properly.