Freezer is the most useful appliance in modern world. It keeps the food fresh and can also preserve and store food for future usage. If the frost inside the freezer decrease, it reduces its efficiency and the food inside the freezer starts losing its proteins. Also, it will increase the electricity bill of the house.

ARS, the best appliance repair services in GTA and Toronto area, has great tips for you to defrost your freezer.

Methods to defrost your freezer

Freezer should be defrosted once in a year and/or it should be defrosted when ice becomes thick (as per the instruction manual).  You should switch off the plug while defrosting, one should always look up to the safety measures.

It’s a great idea to remove the food items from the fridge before defrosting the fridge. You should cover your floor with towels or other cloth to avoid slippage. Because while defrosting the ice will melt and it will lead to flow of water and it will make the floor slippery. You don’t want to slip and hurt yourself, right?


ARS recommends the best methods to defrost your freezer:

1. Hang on and wait for ice to melt

Firstly, unplug your freezer and wait for the ice to melt. This is the easiest method to defrost your freezer. Make sure to cover your floor with towels to protect it from getting wet. You may have to mop the floor if needed. This method takes time to work but it will be the easiest way one can defrost their freezer.

2. You should use a fan

Fan will circulate warm wind in the freezer which will automatically lead to melting the ice in the freezer. It is the best way for the people who have their freezer in the garage. This process also takes some time but less than the previous one.

3. Use a blow dryer

It’s safe to use blow dryer until you have safety precautions, keep the dryer at a distance from the ice and the water and look forwards that it doesn’t over heats. Never allow the dryer ends to get close to the coil or the handle of the freezer to avoid damage of the freezer units. The dryer may damage the plastic things in the freezer, cover your sides of freezer to soak the water.

4. Use hot cloth and rubbing of alcohol

Dip the cloth in the boiling water, pour alcohol on it and then take it near the ice to loosen its strength. Wipe around the ice to melt it, the frost starts to melt quickly.

5. Scraping

Scraping of ice is the most popular method to defrost. It helps in defrosting the freezer quickly. if you are using this method then you should do it with safety measures. One should use traditional scraping method like wood spoon.

6. Use a wet/dry vacuum

Use small tip vacuum and plug it in, move it from up to down and use it on ice it will lead to melting of ice. It is an easy process to defrost the freezer. When you saw ice melting you a change the setting of vacuum to suck up mode to absorb water from melting the ice.

7. Keep the hot bowls on the desk/shelves

Heat the pan and put the pan with boiling water in the freezer shelfs, it is the traditional method used in many houses to defrost the freezer. The steam from the boiled water helps in losing of the ice. One can remove it after 30 min with the help of scraper.

These were the easiest methods one can use to defrost their freezer. You can wash your freezer with baking soda after using one of these methods.

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