Range Hoods also known as Vent Hoods stay to be important in any household especially in those where cooking is regular and heavy. They come in varied styles, sizes and features. When you install a range hood, make sure to cover up to the length of the burners.

Being an electrical appliance, a range hood also requires maintenance like any other. Cleaning it well can be a way of keeping all that grease and smoke away from your pretty looking house.

How to Identify if There is an Issue With Your Range Hood?

  • If the smoke is still in the kitchen, the problem could be that the duct on the vent hood is clogged with grease.
  • Another possibility is that the fan isn’t working well because of a dirty air filter.
  • There are chances that the motor has to be replaced if it is making too much noise or making a humming like sound.
  • If the buttons or lights of the range hood are not working, it is time to call in an expert and fix it as this could be an electrical problem in the control board of the vent panel.

ARS brings you the best tips to clean and maintain a range hood.


1. Keep the Air Filter Clean

There are two kinds of filters in a range hood: a metal filter and a charcoal filter. The air filter removes dust particles and smoke from the surrounding air before moving it out to the external environment.

Ensure cleaning the metal air filter with a degreasing solution and wash with warm water. Let it completely dry before re-attaching it. The air filter can be easily removed while cleaning or can even be easily replaced.

For a charcoal filter, the best suggestion would be to replace it annually.

2. Keep the Range Hood Clean

First, turn off the unit and make sure that the stove top is not hot. Clean the range hood with a cleaning spray and wipe off dry. Do not use any cleaner or spray on the electrical components of the range hood.

3. Keep the Vent Clean

These are very easy to clean. You can just take them out, dip them into a soapy solution and dry completely before putting them back. Grease mostly builds up over the vents which can reduce the functionality of a range hood. You can do it yourself at home or you can call in a professional to help you out with the cleaning.

4. Keep the Fan Clean

A lot of dirt or grease can be collected on the fan of a range hood. Simply clean the fan with a degreaser. This will ensure smooth running of the range hood. If there is a problem that you think still exists after cleaning, the motor may need to be replaced so you should contact us at ARS.

Other Range Hood Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep the fan blades clean which can avoid stress on the motor and keeping it from overheating.
  • Keep the entire place around the hood always clean and tidy.
  • Check the range hood at regular intervals for any grease.
  • Clean the filter timely.

These simple tips, when followed can keep the range hood clean and avoid any possible chances of dysfunctionality. Ensure timely cleanliness like any other appliance and keep your kitchen smoke free & clean.

If you are finding it difficult to troubleshoot the problem, or need a range hood service. Contact us today and we shall provide quality service within time at the most reasonable prices in GTA and surrounding areas. ARS provides service to a range of electronic appliances. Keeping your worries away, fixing every appliance issue.