Everything is so expensive these days; it makes little sense. Every purchase feels like an investment, especially in the world of appliances. Getting the newest technology requires shelling out quite a bit to cover the cost. When making these purchases, you hope for longevity and aim to avoid repair calls, fearing the high cost of fixing your expensive appliances may exceed your budget.

The ugly truth? Human error will likely result in calling an appliance repair company at some point, and these machines indeed require proper maintenance. Between carelessness that you may not intend to inflict on your unit and the natural wear and tear of appliance malfunction, it’s essential to understand your options and find an honest, reliable company you can trust and put on retainer.

Appliance repair can be affordable. Proper appliance maintenance can help boost the longevity of your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, and more. You should do DIY repairs, and maintenance, and keep things clean and in tip-top shape. These steps can help you avoid major disasters down the line.

When you believe the fault you’re experiencing is beyond your expertise, call us or any appliance repair company immediately. Allowing a fault to escalate results in an unknown price tag, but proactivity seeking assistance will lead to a service fee of $120 plus tax with ARS Appliances Repair Service. We aim for transparency in our pricing, and we will charge you a flat fee, and even come back a second time if parts are needed to resolve your appliance repair issue. 

As a new homeowner, for the first time in my life, I own all my appliances, and some of them are new. Working for an appliance repair company has taught me a lot. I know to clean my units thoroughly and promptly; don’t let things sit. Care for your expensive stove! Clean up after yourself is such a good step, wipe things down, make sure that gunk isn’t in the elements, and that there isn’t food burning for days every time you use it at the bottom of the oven.

But when you feel something is wrong, something you don’t know how to fix, call us or any appliance repair company immediately, as dealing with it promptly will be better for your wallet. Don’t wait for the compressor of your fridge to die; give it life by realizing proactivity is the path to resolution, before you go down a much longer road, that will lead you to pay for expenses, you don’t want to utilize. 

Appliance repair technicians are more than just fixers arriving at your door to use tools and make something brand new. They also offer knowledge they can share with you, and even the smallest visits for the silliest reasons could lead to strong longevity for your unit. Take advantage of this resource, even call an appliance repair dispatch and ask questions – believe me when I tell you, that these people are knowledgeable, and will ONLY send a technician to you if they feel like you need it. No one’s out here trying to waste their time in this industry. 

So what are some signs you may need an appliance repair technician to come stop by for a routine visit? 

My Refrigerator Seems To Run Constantly.

Let’s say you’re sitting in your living room, watching TV. You start to notice in your kitchen that you can hear your refrigerator running constantly. It’s loud enough to hear from your couch, and it’s ongoing. You’re likely witnessing an appliance malfunction in the making, one that doesn’t need to be a big deal, but if it persists, it will snowball into a much bigger problem.

So what is wrong with your refrigerator, and why is it making this noise? 

Clean Compressor Coils

The first thing it could be is a dust build-up. If you’re not paying attention to your unit, dust and hair can build up in the compressor coils. Monthly wipe-downs, or even bi-weekly, could help you eliminate this preliminary fault that could lead you to eventually getting a new compressor, the most expensive part of the refrigerator if you don’t maintain its functionality. 

Refill Refrigerant

The second thing that could be disrupting your kitchen is that you may be low on refrigerant. Did you know you need to check your unit’s refrigerant every few years, if not every year – did you even know that you had to do this, or that your fridge had refrigerant? 

Base Level Appliance Repair Maintenance

This is exactly where base-level maintenance comes in. Whether you do it yourself or seek an appliance repair company to come in to do it, get it done. This is the start of why most fridges will malfunction and have a bigger fault due to the neglect of not having the proper knowledge to care for your refrigerator.

These are the top two reasons why your refrigerator is running constantly. It’s to be noted that your refrigerator compressor and fans are only meant to run when they are needed; if they are running constantly, you have a problem – they are not made to be running 24/7. This is not only horrible for your fridge, but it’s also more expensive when it comes to your utilities. Be proactive; these are easy fixes, and it’s okay if you can’t resolve it, but call an appliance repair technician who can.

These simple faults will cost you a maximum of $120 plus tax with ARS Appliances Repair Service; however, if you call us down the line when your compressor has failed, you’ll be paying that fee, and we will come back a second time after diagnosis, and you will be paying for the compressor part as well. Compressor replacements run from $150 to $550, and let’s be honest, usually fall on the expensive side. 

Appliance maintenance is everything. By taking care of your refrigerator when all it needs is some juice or dusting, you will likely preserve the compressor for many years to come, and maybe through to the lifespan that you thought it would upon purchasing it.

My Dishwasher Is Leaking

The dishwasher has the potential to be the messiest appliance in your household, while its purpose is likely to be the cleanest. It’s an absolute oxymoron when you find yourself with a dishwasher leak, causing a huge mess, just when you’re trying to clean up after a meal or a day of dirty dishes that have piled up. When we experience a minor appliance fault, we begin to panic, and our minds think the worst — we know we need to resolve the error, but we don’t know the severity of it all. Fortunately, it’s usually not the most dire of situations, but let’s be honest, it can turn into one quickly if you aren’t regularly doing appliance maintenance.

So why is your dishwasher leaking, and how can it be fixed?

Damaged Door Seal

Your dishwasher’s basic function is to clean your dishes, using hydraulics and lots of water to clean and rinse. The dishwasher door is usually located on the front, if the door seal isn’t suctioning properly, it’s going to leak water. The most common reason your dishwasher leaks is because the door seal gets squeezed repeatedly over time and wears down. You may need an appliance repair technician to make a quick visit and install a new seal, this is common and often overlooked.

Unfortunately, the door seal isn’t designed to last forever, but it’s worth replacing. While it won’t immediately cause your dishwasher to suffer major issues, it could damage your floors and lead to future electrical problems. Appliances are built to function in a certain way, and when they begin to deviate from that, more faults will likely follow. If your dishwasher door seal isn’t working, it won’t magically begin to work later, seek assistance, do yourself and your wallet a favor now, by taking care of your expensive dishwasher.

Loose Hose Connection

Sometimes the leaks from your dishwasher aren’t going to come from the most noticeable place. You may see water under your sink, or even worse, behind your cabinetry. A loose or damaged hose connection could cause water damage to your kitchen’s infrastructure, as well as damage your dishwasher. This appliance repair fault can potentially go unseen and is something that you should be actively monitoring. Everyone has experienced a dishwasher leak, and it doesn’t always need to be an appliance malfunction; it’s usually just user error — but a loose hose connection is a miniature issue that will lead to major consequences down the line.

The first thing to do is make sure the hose isn’t loose on either end. If it’s secure, this is when you should be looking for cracks and splits. Sometimes the quality of the hose can be deficient as is, and that could lead to it damaging itself through its usage. There is also, unfortunately, the possibility of the hose bursting or even rats nibbling through them. You’ll need to inspect the hose and figure out what is causing it to falter, and not do the job it is meant to do.

Resolve Minor Errors

The dishwasher is a powerful tool that can aid you in the speedy cleaning of your kitchenware. However, it’s important not to take it for granted. While it is the fastest way to get your dishes done, it doesn’t mean you should be carefree with convenience. By passing on all the work to this helpful appliance, you need to always consider that you are using it properly and understand when it may need some of your love back.

Dishwasher negligence can lead to wear and tear outside of your appliance; it can also damage your kitchen. Don’t underestimate a simple resolution for a simple fault, as it can and will lead to major issues later.

My Oven Is Not Heating Properly.

Before becoming a homeowner, the biggest problem I would encounter was my oven not heating up properly. No matter where I lived, dealing with an oven that wasn’t properly taken care of became a recurring issue. When a tenant experiences an appliance malfunction, they tend not to communicate the problems with their property management. Even when they do, sometimes the property management can’t afford the proper fix for the appliance and resorts to temporary solutions that can only hold on for so long. This is why you often find your appliances not up to par and how small errors can completely set you up for failure.

Unfortunately, there are myriad reasons why your oven may not be heating your food properly. Whether the temperature is uneven throughout the unit or any other fault, the sole purpose of your oven is to heat your food properly. When it doesn’t, it means your oven is not working, and poses a health and safety hazard. You and your landlord owe it to yourselves to properly acknowledge these faults as they happen so your quality of life isn’t affected.

So why is your oven not heating properly?

Faulty Heating Element

Whether it is your oven or your stove, it’s important to know what a healthy and operational heating element looks like. If your element is not completely red at optimal heat, or only portions of the element are radiating heat, then you need a heating element replacement. This is an easy fix. You can, of course, always do it yourself, but realistically, going through your landlord or an appliance repair company for repairs will offer the best results. Even if you know that your element is faulty, there was a journey this fault endured to get to where it is.

A faulty heating element could be caused by other appliance repair faults. An inspection of your unit is a good rule of thumb, as a replacement could solve this issue, but you should still investigate further. A trusted appliance repair technician will know exactly what to look for and have answers that could help you in the future to not repeat the same mistakes.

Dirty Oven

The biggest culprit causing your oven to not heat up properly is the result of not properly cleaning it. Once you cook, or even while cooking, if you know you’re having a culinary mishap, be proactive and clean as you go. Once your stove is cold, do it all over again. You want your oven to be in perfect condition, as you trust it to cook your food. Wouldn’t you want it to be clean and ultimately safe? You put a certain amount of trust in a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and your oven. You want your fridge to keep your food fresh, your dishwasher to properly clean your dishes, and you want your food to be cooked to the temperature that keeps it safe for consumption.

Clean your oven to ensure that you aren’t putting it at risk for any unexpected faults. A dirty oven is the leading problem that will cause your elements to become faulty. Carelessness could result in 150 to 400 dollars to replace and even more money for a technician to do the job for you. Being clean saves you money, but being dirty will cost you when you may need to buy an expensive Oven. Get your act together now, so you don’t need to pay for it later.


Whether it’s your Refrigerator, Dishwasher, or Oven, it’s important to notice the tiny faults as they happen, so you don’t get disrupted by the bigger ones down the line. You shouldn’t be waiting till your appliance is on the brink of destruction to find resolve, so make sure to contact us today to help you with any of your appliance repair needs. It’s affordable now, but it’s likely to cause you much more if you wait for the drama to escalate.