The washer in your home is as important as any other electrical appliance in your home. It might not be used every single day in a household, but those two three times that the washer is being used in a week, it cleans up the whole lot of dirty laundry getting it ready for another fresh week.

Have you ever felt frustrated with the drainage issues of your washing machine? This guide by ARS will help you with the basic reasons of why this happens and the simple solutions on how it can be solved.

Most of us often have this complaint that the laundry gets over but, the water in the washing machine tub is adamant to go out even after is cycle is over. We don’t know how to convince it to throw it out from the laundry machine.


Why does my washing machine throw tantrums to drain water?

Some basic reasons shared with people why washing machines fail to drain water are because it could be facing clogged drain or the pump must have been broken. Other factors resulting in the issue could be due to broken lid or damaged belt. Few cases have also reported issues with jammed hose. All these could be reasons why your washing machine is throwing tantrums to drain water.

Why is it necessary for the washing machine to drain water?

One of the essential reasons why every washing machine must drain is to remove the water from its tub. Once the water is drained, it helps the machine to begin the spinning cycle with comfort and ease.

Major part of this process is the drain hose. It helps the machine to throw the water in the hose so that drainage can be carried out. If this process is stopped, there are few things that you must always keep handy in your house;

  • Water Bucket
  • Screwdriver
  • Clamp
  • Pliers with needle nose
  • Sponge
  • Towels
  • Step by step process on how to continue

What to do if my washing machine doesn’t drain?

We land on the main guide with steps on solving the issues with your drainage. Follow these steps and understand it thoroughly. Keep this guide handy with you so that you don’t have to call for a professional help if your washing machine give similar issues in future too.

Switch off the power button:

Switch it off completely and remove the plug from the socket or the fuse box.

Find the drain hose:

Find out where is your drain hose connected. Check if it has any bent. It could be the reason why the water is blocked from draining. Try straightening the hose with your hands; this may solve the concern. Always keep your hose pipe higher from the distance of the washing machine’s tub.

Get the bucket for the drain process:

 Place your empty bucket near the washing machine and drop the hose into the bucket lower than the distance of the washer tub. The bucket will fill the water until the tub gets empty and the bucket is filled. Repeat the step until your washer tub is completely clear of logged water.

Check for the clogs:

Check for any other clogs. There could be a piece of cloth or soap that must be blocking the hose. If there is a hard substance that you are unable to remove, take support of the pliers. Fix the clogging and reconnect the hose.

Check for blockages beyond your reach:

If you notice no issues with the hose, the clog could be somewhere beyond the reach. You may have to use plumber snake tool to reach the access to clear deeper clogs.

Scrutinize the washer pump:

Inspect your washer pump and find out if there is any leakage or breakage. Check the belt also if it is not broken. The weird sounds that you hear during the drain process in your washing machine could be due to bad pump or leakage. If the pump is damaged, you may have to replace it by your manufacturer.

Check the washing machine’s lid switch:

Try pressing the lid switch by your hand and check if you hear the click sound. If it doesn’t click then the switch could be broken and needs to be replaced.

Verify the belts:

For inspecting the belts of your washing machine, you will have to unscrew the access panel. There could be a possibility that your main belt or pump belt may be broken. You may take support of the diagram provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

Seek support:

If all the above is completed and you are yet without a solution to this, then you need to call for a professional support. Only a trained and skilled technician would be able to check the root cause of the issue with your washing machine drain noises.

The online video tutorials will also offer you great support on how to follow this step by step process of solving drain issues with your laundry machine. Call us for more details!