Electricity energy saving is a dream for all as no one likes to have a heartache at the end of month looking at that utility bill. Reducing energy does not mean you need to necessarily buy electronics that consume less power. Certain energy saving tips by ARS can help you go a long way in saving much on your utility bills.

Implementing these practices that we shall discuss ahead will make you save anywhere between 5 to 30% of your total utility invoice. In short, your power savings will result into reduced power consumption.


Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Each Appliance

1. Washing Machine

Present washing machines work more efficiently than the ones we used periods ago. How you use your laundry detergents also matter in power saving. Use detergents based on the number of clothes entered to wash. The more detergent powder, the more rounds it will take to clear it off from clothes while washing. Use hot water only when needed.

Clean the washing machine twice every month. The dirt, dust, hard detergents, loose threads from clothes, and soap particles may consume more water to clean clothes and damage the machine washer.

2. Refrigerator

We all have been following this idea of standing in front of the fridge door and struggle for the reason why we opened it. Refrigerators can be energy hogs, so unless you have something in mind to hog, do not let your fridge hog either. Keep it less stuffed always and let us breathe freely.

Storing stuffs like raw meat, seafood, poultry, and similar foods in sealed containers will prevent the juice from dripping on to other foods. All the other perishable food items must be stored at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, your fridge must always be in 3-5 degree temperature and the freezer must be balanced between -15 to -18 degrees.

3. Dishwasher

Limit the use of dishwasher as this can consume lot of electricity from your house. Simple rinse the dishes with normal water and let it dry naturally. Switch to air drying dishes option over dishwasher dryer. This can save up to 15-50% of power consumption.

Always unplug the chargers and back up chargers of your dish washer when you are leaving the home. Unplugged devices save power compared to plugged ones.

4. TV

Switch to Laptop or Desktops over bigger TVs to watch less sensible stuff. If your family enjoys a particular show to watch together, only then play the TV. Note the prime time slots of your favourite show and switch on the TV only then instead of passing time with your remote shuffling between channels.

Keep the TV light low and switch on sleeping mode so that your TV can also sleep with you in case you doze off. This can work to save lot of power consumption. LED TVs use less power compared to Plasmas. Thus, you know what to select.

5. Oven / Microwave

Ovens or microwaves are another concern of power consumption in the house, but what we cannot avoid, is those deliciously baked cookies and cakes. Following simple basics of using over, like thaw the food, choose the correct cookware, limiting use of oven, and clean the oven and preheat before putting the main food item to cook.

For regular cooking, you may opt for gas stove over electrical stove-tops. Customers who have been using gas stove for cooking majorly have experienced savings on utility bills. Rather than oven, switching to induction cooking is a better option too. The magnetic coils attached on the induction heats quicker and help in cooking faster.

A large part of power is consumed depending on the size of your home electronic. The bigger the size, the more the power used. Full sized ovens or huge double door refrigerators consume more power compared to smaller units.


Choose the right cookware, keep a check on your wiring and cables, keep your electronic gadgets clean, avoid keep the items plugged when you are not around, and similar tips as explained above will help you in energy saving. For the maintenance of your electronic items of the house, you will need help from ARS technicians, the best appliance repair services in Toronto and GTA, who can visit your place at regular intervals and help you with the best suggestion and service.