It is a boon to have advanced tools and technology at home and save time on cooking. We will share some tips about hot to Enhance Longevity of Your Microwave, it is one of the time savers for most housewives’ and food lovers’ favourite appliances. However, we often feel disappointed with the fact that the oven stops working or starts giving issues in no time. Have you ever thought the reason why? It could be due to lack of proper maintenance of the microwave.

Things may look confusing but, the basics are as simple as maintaining any other simple machine. Follow these quick tips to Enhance Longevity of Your Microwave in order to make it function for a long time.


Tips to enhance longevity of your Microwave oven:

1. Cleaning:

Cleaning is one of the most essential tips for maintaining the oven. Cleaning your oven regularly ensures that your oven is not only in working condition, but also in hygienic form too. The stuck food particles and food odour can be removed with special oven cleaner or warm soapy water.

If you find certain food particles too stubborn in the oven base, then heat the oven for about 60 to 90 seconds. The heat of the steam generated will help you wipe off this time smoothly.

You might also want to consider these simple home ways to clean the microwave.

2. Ovenware:

When you buy cookware for the oven, make sure that you choose the dishware that is microwave safe. If you think of saving some money out there by compromising on the ovenware, don’t blame the oven later on. Choosing a wrong cookware or dishware may increase the risk of fire explosion that could be dangerous.

Take precautions by preventing your oven to welcome certain things like aluminum foil, silver or gold lining dishware, metal, etc. Dishware made of ceramic, special plastic and glass is welcome.

3. Door safety:

Take all the necessary steps to prevent your door from being dysfunctional. Oven door is the most used part of the microwave. Some people do not know how to close the door properly and just simply slam it or bang it up. Always keep your hands free while closing the door of the oven.

Banging or slamming may damage the door locking system and your door may no longer functional the same way. Even the switches and light circuit may get affected due to loud banging of the over door.

4. Cooking time:

If you wish to see your oven supporting you for a long time, then you will have to plan your cooking time accordingly. Rarely people follow the pre-programmed cooking time options that are set as per the recipes. It is one of the major mistakes they perform. Pre-programmed cooking time has been fixed in a manner to save electricity and protect oven from heating issues.

Try these cooking modes as these are systematically programmed to give you properly cooked food. Such steps help your oven from any damage issues.

5. Weight check:

Just like we are conscious of putting on weight on our body, your microwave is conscious too of the weight you dump inside it. Certain foods have to be take care of in relation to the capacity your oven can handle.

The wisest step to perform here in order to enhance your oven longevity would be to read the oven manual. From the weight of the food to the weight of your dishware, check everything properly how much your oven can handle. A heavy bowl, dish, or item can cause pressure on the motor leading to issues with your oven.

6. Call for help:

Do not neglect any errors that your oven is causing. If your microwave is acting weird despite your regular maintenance routine, there are chances that it wishes to see a professional technician. Some complex microwave oven may also require regular inspection to ensure the motor is working fine, it is not over heating, there are no sparks, and the oven is using less electricity.

Call for a professional to get your oven checked. These guys are experienced and would be able to trace the problem effortlessly.