Have you ever been embarrassed and stopped your guests from opening the door of your refrigerator? We understand you want to make your fridge smell great, bad smell from the fridge could be embarrassing especially when you wake up early morning to cook something fresh or have guests invited for that lovely dinner. We are sure your guests would leave wondering if you served them stale food just because your fridge didn’t smell so good.

ARS has easier ways to help your fridge smell great deal with your bad smelling fridge rather than feeling low about it. The issue can be resolved simply by following few basic tips if you have the time to take care of your fridge well before it stops taking care of your pride in cooking and storing.


Easy Tips Will Make Your Fridge Smell Great:

1. Cleaning:                                                                                   

We bet, not even we can’t survive without bathing ourselves; how can you expect electronic devices to function without being regularly cleaned up? Your fridge has become dirty and needs cleaning. It is time to turn off the appliance, remove everything that is stored inside; you may shift the food to the cooler or consume it before the cleaning process begins. Remove all the removable parts like shelves, bins, compartments, and soap these in soapy water. Dry these properly and clean the inside of the fridge with a soft cotton cloth dipped in vinegar.

2. Deodorize:

Everything needs to feel fresh and smell fresh. Similar to how we apply perfume or talcum powder after bathing, your fridge needs a good deodorant too for making your fridge smell great. Leave your fridge door open and place a jar of baking soda. Leave it inside with the lid open for 24 hours at least.

3. Coffee is another Alternative:

If you do not have baking soda at home, you may sprinkle some coffee powder on a plate and place it inside the fridge for 24 hours. You may use the remains of the coffee the next day in your house plants to organically fertilize it. Thus, nothing would go wasted.

4. Scent it:

You may also few cotton balls dipped in nice scent or fragrance and leave it inside the fridge for few hours. Your fridge will smell irresistible! There are various natural scents that can be used such as vanilla, orange peels, lemons, etc. Read more ways to keep the health of your refrigerator happy.

5. Set the temperature:

Make sure that your fridge is always set to the right temperature else the smell may be back making you more frustrated. Ideally, your fridge should be between 37-41 degrees Fahrenheit as the technicians always suggest. Anything that is colder will waste the energy and anything that is put to warm temperature will further spoil the food quality leaving bad odour. If you are not sure about the temperature, just call ARS Refrigerator and Appliance Repair Services near your area and we will guide you.

6. Air circulation:

Enough air circulation needs to be there between your fridge so that the food is well-preserved. Avoid keeping juicy foods in polythene bags or tight containers. It may create spoilage due to no air circulation in the food items and these will spoil the preserved food leaving bad smell.

7. Learn how to store:

There are containers, boxes, and bags available for every different type of food that you store. You must know the right storing technique for your food items. The food smells horrible making the fridge dirty and smells dirty overall if you do not know how to store the food in your fridge. Also, placing the food in the right section is essential too. For instance, fruits and green veggies are always stored in the base compartment rather the top compartment to avoid freezing.

Hope this article helps you to maintain your fridge regularly in the most minimal cost and save you from all the unwanted unpleasantness in your environment. If you are still experiencing bad odour, and would like to professional refrigerator technician to check the appliance, you may call us and we shall offer immediate solutions to your problem.