Although many cities treat their water to kill off harmful bacteria and parasites, what people may not know is that other impurities such as lead, copper, aluminum, pesticides etc, can still remain in the water. With chlorine and other chemicals in tap water, its not healthy and just does not taste that good.

For these reasons and more, companies introduce water and ice dispensers on fridges for our convenience. All that is required is that a Carbon filter needs to be replaced every 6 months.


It is very easy to be replaced, as they are very accessible inside the fridge. These filters can be purchased exclusively with APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE for the fraction of the price of bottled water. Research shows that water dispensers will save you roughly $600 a year if you were to buy 16oz water bottles. Not to also mention all the bottles end up in the landfill.

Ice and water dispensers can be purchased on almost all fridges, whether you’re looking for a 30″ wide or up to a 48″ wide fridge, side by side, bottom mount freezer, single door, counter depth or built in, this feature is available.


Typically internal dispensers are in French door style with ice maker in the bottom freezer drawer. People generally chose the internal feature usually for the visual appeal of a sleek look on a smooth refrigerator door, also if they are having a built in custom panel to match their cabinetry.

Another advantage would be the space you save in the fridge section due to the icemaker in the freezer. They water line is usually run up the side of the cabinet to maximize interior space. A disadvantage would be the loss of energy every time the door is opened for a glass of water.


This feature would have dispenser on the door for easier access to the ice and water. In most cases there is a control where many features such as auto fill, crushed ice, child lock, etc, are available. Disadvantage would be the amount of space taken up inside.

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