Imagine a beautiful house loaded with heavy and light furniture. Well, it is obvious that we all crave for luxury and comfort and would do anything to make the house look gorgeous all the time.

The only challenge that is posed when we have to shift or renovate is moving heavy appliances from one place to another without affecting the ground or floor. ARS has a quick guide that will help you move these heavy appliances and also guide you on the annoying tasks of packing, labelling, and moving.

Before we begin with the expert advice, it is also important to know that your heavy appliances also include the stuff packed by you during renovation or shifting. For instance, these could be boxes of packed shoes, clothes, dishes, wardrobe, and other electronic appliances such as TVs, air conditioner, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc.


Here is Some Expert Advice for Moving Heavy Appliances

1. Understand the Weight

Before you start moving, you would need to list all the items that need packing, labelling, and shifting. The list will give you an idea on what weight would each item carry approximately. Moving the appliances from one place to another would exhaust lots of physical energy.

Ensure that you consider all the precautions before moving, so that the flooring is sustained and no damage is caused to it. Make use of tools like trolleys and wheel chairs as per the weight of the item.

2. Professional Services

One of the most essential advice by experts on moving heavy appliances is to get a professional on board. Let’s accept, not all DIYs are successful. You cannot afford to bear expensive mistakes if anything goes wrong.

Professionals are experienced, skilled, and trained to move appliances without causing any risks to your property. The companies that deal with such services offer insurance for any damage caused by their professionals.

3. Choose the Right Machinery and Vehicles

Tools and machinery play a vital role in moving your vehicles. Say a NO-NO when you have to push or drag heavy appliances on the ground. By doing this, you are risking your expensive tiles, flooring, carpets, and other hardwood fixed on the floors.

You would need to think of tools and vehicles that can move your stuff without a scratch. For instance, a Dolly is the best solution to this scenario. Dollies are used to lift appliances and heavy items from one place to another.

4. Make Use of Floor Protectors

Plenty of these are available at stores that can help you prevent unwanted damage while moving your stuff. Most families these days place floor pads when they bring new appliances at home such as refrigerators, washers, or TVs.

This serves as a great protection to the flooring. You may need to use these regardless of whether you are moving stuff to a new house or just moving stuff in the existing house to beautify its looks.

5. Check Your Speed

The other important factor to remember during moving things is the speed of movement. Do not hurry at any cost! Slowly move the appliances and check if there are any possible areas it will get stuck such as narrow passages, carpet threads, etc.

You need to be careful all the times, or else the house will not look as pretty as you imagined with the damage done. Some carelessness in order to save time and efforts will make you repent later.

The best advice amongst all the above would be to hire a professional. If you need help to repair your broken appliances contact us at ARS, we are experienced in all appliance brands. For more information, feel free to book an appointment.