We all know that having a reliable dryer is important in your household when it comes to doing your laundry. So when your dryer starts acting up and not doing what it is supposed to do like dry your clothes, then you’ve got a problem.

Here are three common dryer problems that can easily be fixed and speed up your laundry washing time.

Caution: Remember to always unplug your dryer before making any repairs.


1. When I Turn on My Dryer, No Heat is Coming Out

Air flow is important in efficient drying. Make sure the dryer settings are appropriate for the clothes you want to dry. The timer selection, fabric selection, and the temperature selection all play important roles in proper dryer operation.

You should examine the wiring connection from the dryer to the house regularly. Also, never use an extension cord to operate this appliance. An electric dryer draws a lot of power so it needs to be directly plugged into an electrical socket in the wall. Take a look at the power cord and make sure it is connected to a terminal block in the back of the dryer.

In some cases, the terminal can get burned out, so make sure the power is turned off and look for scorching or broken connections. For electric dryers, one broken connection might damage the dryer drum and timer to operate; this can cause no heat to come out.

If the wiring isn’t the culprit, check the heating element for any burned areas. The heating element is a coil made from nickel-chrome alloy called nichrome. Check the coil from continuity with a volt ohm meter. If the continuity is disconnected, it means that the element is damaged and it needs to be replaced.

2. My Clothes Wrinkled After Drying

Wrinkled clothes happen when you leave your clothes in the dryer after the drying cycle is done. So try to remember to unload your clothes right after the tumbler shuts off. The longer you leave your clothes in the dryer, the more wrinkled they become.

Another reason why your clothes are wrinkled is due to not sorting your laundry properly, not adding fabric softener, or too many clothing articles squashed everything together during the drying cycle.

Also, if you thought hot water was good for washing your clothes, you thought wrong. Very hot water creates wrinkles in your clothes while it’s tumbling in the dryer. Try washing with warm to cold water and don’t overload the dryer.

Another solution: Use the permanent press cycle to let clothes cool down and reduce wrinkles.

3. Dryer Becoming Too Hot

Yes, it’s true a dryer is supposed to get hot, but not that hot that it’s almost burning. A dryer that gets too hot is a dangerous problem that can cause overheating and fires.

Check out the two vents as they might be clogged. Be sure to empty your lint trap after each drying cycle so it doesn’t build up. Also, check the vent outside of the house. You might need to clean it. If the vents are clean, and it’s still overheating, you might need to replace the thermostat or heating coils.

If all else fails and you’re still not able to fix your electric dryer problems, and you are located in the Greater Toronto Area, London, Hamilton, Whitby, Barrie or Kitchener give us a call at ARS Appliances Repair Service at 1-866-415-3937 and we’ll be happy to come check it out and give you a repair quote. You never know, we can probably help you save a couple of bucks and get your dryer up and running without skipping any laundry loads.