Samsung Washing Machine - Recommendations for Optimal Performance

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(Revision 2018. Applicable to Samsung 2016 and newer models.)

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Recommendations for
Optimal Performance

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Samsung Washing Machine

Did you know?

When starting or ending a spin cycle the washer will slightly thump and make noise. Washers will also adjust at higher speed. Unit recognizes the unbalanced load at the beginning of the cycle and adjusts accordingly. This is called VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology). This gives it a more consistent speed and balancing.

Shipping bolts MUST be removed prior to use. See installation guide. Shipping bolts are located at the back of the unit depending on the model (unit may have 3 or 4 shipping bolts).


For optimal performance, you must install your washer on a solidly constructed floor. Wood floors may need to be reinforced to minimize vibration and/or unbalanced load situations. Carpeting and soft tile surfaces are contributing factors to vibration which can cause your washer to move slightly during the spin cycle. Never install your washer on a platform or weakly supported structure.


Flood Safe hoses must not be used. This will cause low water pressure and cause the washer to not fill properly and in some cases will lead to error codes. Drain hose MUST not be installed more than 3" into drain pipe.


Odours can be caused by bacterial and dirt from clothing. Follow these steps for removing or preventing odours:

  • Check your detergent. Excessive suds collect in nooks and crannies and can cause mold.
  • Run cleansing cycles to sanitize the machine periodically.
  • Leave door and detergent dispenser slightly open when not in use.
  • Dry the interior of your washer and clean the door diaphragm on a regular basis.
  • Clean the drain trap filter regularly

Water inside Dispenser Compartment Water left inside the dispenser compartment is normal. If water is filled to the top when cycle is complete follow these 2 easy steps.

  1. Reduce the water pressure slightly by turning the water taps down to avoid over spraying.
  2. Reduce amount of detergent.

Auto Temperature Control

Samsung washers use a temperature control (ATC) to regulate the temperature of the wash selections. These temperatures may feel significantly cooler than they did in your old washer, but it is normal. Water temperatures are predetermined depending on the cycle selected. ATC function in our washer maintains certain level of wash temperature to output the optimal washing performance at each cycle.

If customers want to wash clothes in specific water temperature, customers should choose a different cycle as each temperature setting (Hot/Warm/Eco Warm) has it own predetermined temperatures. Hoses must be verified to ensure that they are installed on the correct taps (hot/cold).

Water Level / Loading Clothes

Fill the Tub with dry, unfolded clothes but DO NOT OVERLOAD. Overloading will reduce washing efficiency, causing excess wear and possibly cause creasing. Overloading may also cause unit to leak and cause unbalance issues.

  • Always separate colors. Light colored clothing may pick color from non-colorfast garments.
  • Separate heavily soiled items. This will help other lightly soiled items to become more thoroughly cleaned.
  • Separate lint givers, lint givers are laundry items that have a high cotton content (towels, sweatshirts).
  • Always pretreat clothing with stains with a preferred stain removal product.

Water level is determined by the washer automatically using the weight of the clothing. Use Presoak Cycle, which will improve washing performance and may increase water level due to adding weight to the clothing.

The time shown on the display is an estimated time only, not an exact time. The length of the cycle depends on the water temperature, weight and balance of the load.

Make sure the wash load is evenly distributed. Large comforters are known to create out of balance issues. If this occurs, stop the washer and adjust the load. Waterproof items MUST only be used on bedding or waterproof cycle if available on your unit. Please check the user manual for instructions on your specific model.

For all error codes, refer to User Manual before calling for Service.

or check here.

Please note that visits by a Service Representative for any product set-up, maintenance or installation-related issues or to address service issues where no fault was found, are not covered by warranty and may be subject to additional fees and charges.
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Information in this manual applies to product distributed by Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. Information is current as of April 2018. Only applicable to Samsung 2016 and newer Washing Machine model. Subject to change at any time. To be read in conjunction with user manual and installation guide.

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