Samsung Dishwasher - Recommendations for Optimal Performance

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(Revision 2018. Applicable to Samsung 2016 and newer models.)

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Recommendations for
Optimal Performance

samsung dishwasher

Samsung Dishwasher

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The following items help to ensure proper cleaning and removal of food particles from your dishes. Follow installation instructions provided by Samsung. In order for your dishwasher to function properly:

  1. The drain hose location must be as specified in the installation guide.
  2. Water pressure must be at least between 20 and 120 PSI and water temperature must be 120F (49C) Flood Safe Hoses should not be used. This will cause low water pressure and cause the dishwasher to not fill properly and in some cases will lead to error codes.
  3. Scrape the dishes for items such as egg and cheese. You do not have to rinse the dishes thoroughly before putting them in the dishwasher except for certain substances such as coffee and tea stains, egg, cheese, etc.
  4. Select a cycle according to the number and soil level of the dishes as indicated in the user manual.
  5. Your water must not be to hard. If you own a water softener check to ensure it is working properly.
  6. Always use Rinse aid.
  7. Use a high-quality detergent as this will prevent the water from over sudsing. We recommend powder or tablets.
  8. Make sure large items such as cookie sheets, cutting boards, etc. are not blocking the detergent dispenser.
  9. Odours can be caused by maintenance not being performed on a regular basis. To control odours or soil build-up, run the dishwasher empty with no detergent, place a glass upright in a secure location with 8 ounces of vinegar into the lower rack and then run a normal or high temperature cycle.

For all error codes, refer to User Manual before calling for Service.

or check here.

Please note that visits by a Service Representative for any product set-up, maintenance or installation-related issues or to address service issues where no fault was found, are not covered by warranty and may be subject to additional fees and charges.
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Information in this manual applies to product distributed by Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. Information is current as of April 2018. Only applicable to Samsung 2016 and newer Dishwasher model. Subject to change at any time. To be read in conjunction with user manual and installation guide.

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