Fact: Dryer vent fires are among the top reasons why homes catch fire.

And so, it is suggested that you get the dryer vents cleaned and inspected every 12 months.

Every household definitely needs a dryer. Agree? With your busy job, personal life, spending time with your kids and juggling between several other things, you just cannot imagine a life without a clothes dryer, right? It is more like a life saver. 

Like every machine needs repair or maintenance, even the clothes dryer needs regular maintenance. If your clothes are not drying as usual, have us check it. It is that time of the year when it needs some good maintenance to run efficiently. 

Well, we know that all of you make it a point to empty out your lint trap before the next use. But what are the things to consider to keep the dryer well maintained? 

Check out this list to keep your dryer running smooth all year round without any hassles. 

Key Safety Tips for Dryer Maintenance:

Dryer Repair & Maintenance

1. Don’t Jam-Pack Your Dryer with Clothes.

The wear and tear to a dryer to an extent depends on how you do your laundry. Don’t over load the dryer with clothes. This will leave no room for the clothes to circulate well, wrinkles may appear and some clothes might not dry well. It might also put pressure on the appliance.

Quick tip: Separate towels, sweatshirts and blankets from other lighter clothes. This can help the clothes to dry thoroughly.

2. Check the Lint and Dryer Vent

It is recommended to remove the dryer lint every time before or after you wash your clothes. Also make sure to clean the lint trap with some dish soap to remove the left-over dirt because these left overs can cause the dryer temperature to rise. 

Quick tip: Clean the dryer vent at least once a year and check for things which obstruct the vent.

3. Clean the Dryer Drum Regularly

You might be wondering why this is on the list, since the drum automatically gets cleaned with every wash? Not necessarily! In fact, the vent holes on the drum might get stuffed and may leave possible residue inside.

Quick tip: Use a clean cloth with some rubbing alcohol and wipe the drum to remove any residue and let it dry completely before using the dryer. 

4. Levelling of the Dryer

Improper levelling might lead to a component failure. The dryer should always be placed on a level ground. Wherever you are placing it, make sure to check the surface (use a leveller if needed). If there is even a slight difference or uneven surface that you observe, make sure to adjust the dryer’s feet in a stable position.

Quick tip: Use a levelling device to check the stability of your dryer’s position. 

5. Don’t Keep the Dryer in a Tight Space

Allow some extra room for your dryer, never put it in a closed or tight room because they need that space for air to circulate around them. Giving no space to the dryer might lead to a fire or other problems with the appliance. 

6. Use Metal Dryer Ducts

Avoid using foil or plastic flexible dryer ducts because the lint might get collected at low points where they sag. This is not the case when it comes to metal ducts. Hence using a metal dryer duct is always a safer option. 

7. Don’t Put the Wrong Things Inside

Dryer’s are for your clothes to be washed. No toys, no wigs, no purses or backpacks, leather goods, faux fur and no to any other items that you think the dryer will not support. 

Quick tip: Please make sure to keep the dryer door closed, especially if you have a pet so that they don’t jump in leading to something bad.

8. Other Tips

  • Be cautious while using a liquid fabric softener.
  • Dryers using moisture sensors run more energy efficient.
  • Don’t store spray cans or any flammable items near your dryer.
  • Keep your laundry place clean and dust free.

What if the Dryer is Broken?

If your dryer is broken, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will set you up with an expert appliance repair technician who will answer all your questions and provide a free estimate over phone to repair the dryer before you actually schedule an appointment. That easy!

Trust us, it isn’t difficult at all. Just take care of your dryer regularly to make it last longer. It is also important to know how to clean your dryer. There are of course things which you just can’t control or which go out of your way. So make sure to reach out to one of our professional appliance repair technicians.