Maytag is a company that provides the best in class household appliances. With a heritage of over 100+ years, it’s a brand known for designing, building, and marketing products that make life easier and more convenient.

It’s a leading manufacturer of premium brand major appliances, commercial and coin-operated laundry equipment, soft drink vending machines, and floor care products. When a Maytag appliance malfunctions you need to connect with an expert Maytag service center such as ARS.

Maytag dryers are one of the most popular products that have an extensive market. But a Maytag dryer can malfunction due to various reasons which could also be due to wear and tear of parts, etc. When you find that your Maytag dryer is not drying, first of all, check if your dryer is under warranty or has crossed the warranty period. If it’s under warranty, you can fortunately get it repaired free of cost by a Maytag technician. However, if it’s out of warranty, you will need the services of an expert Maytag service center.


Let us delve into some of the reasons why a Maytag dryer may not be drying:

Defective Heating Element

Most dryers have a heating element inside the body of the appliance that heats up and dries the clothes. In the Maytag dryer models, the heating element is located in the bottom panel of the dryer. It’s a silver-colored part that heats up when the dryer is switched on.

If the heating element breaks down or burns out, the dryer will cease to heat and the clothes will not dry. The heating element could even be cracked or burned out. Sometimes the heating element may not show any signs of damage but still may not be working. In all such cases, the dryer will not dry until the heating element is replaced.

Malfunction of the Motor

Maytag dryers have motors that turn the dryer drum tossing the clothes. When clothes are tossed, air and heat help dry the clothes completely. If you notice that the dryer drum is not turning, it indicates that either the motor is not getting enough power or there is some other fault with the motor.

You will need to check the problem with the motor and either replace or repair it. It might be difficult for you to judge whether the motor needs repairs or replacement, only a qualified technician will be able to advise you in this regard.

Faulty Switch

Sometimes a dryer may not dry because of something as simple as a faulty switch. The switch on the door of the dryer makes electrical connections making the dryer run. However, if the switch itself is defective electricity will not be transferred into the machine and the dryer will neither heat up nor turn on.

The Lint Screen is Not Clean

The lint screen is positioned either in the door opening of the dryer, or on top of the dryer. It is important to clean the lint screen of your dryer after each drying cycle. This is because if the screen is blocked by lint, it will increase the drying time.

These are some of the common issues with a Maytag dryer due to which it may not dry. As can be seen, the reasons can be as simple as a defective switch or unclean lint filter to more complex ones such as malfunction of the motor or bad heating element. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the help of an experienced technician who can troubleshoot the actual problem and resolve it.

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