Electronic Appliances are a blessing for any household. Refrigerator, Oven, Dishwasher, washing machine, dryer all these in many ways makes our lives easier. Top load washer vs Front load washer? It’s all about choices. Both of these treat your clothes differently. With difference in the treatment, pricing, energy efficiency and detergent needs, ARS is here to help you decide which works best for you & your household.

Let’s break this down easy for you:

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  1. Which is easy to use?

Physically speaking, top-loading washers are usually easy to use considering the fact that your can just load the washer from the top and don’t have to bend over to put and remove the clothes in the washer. It gets extremely difficult for people with any kind of health issues or for those who are aged to use front load washers.

One helpful tip here would be to level up or raise the washer unit to certain height which gets easier to put in clothes.

  • Agitators, Impellers or Vanes?

Agitators are used in a certain type of top-loading washing machines. These help the Top-load machines to wash clothes quicker, clean better and also use less water. Agitators are again of two different types, single action and dual action agitators. There are certain top loaders which might not have agitators but can have impellers which takes less space than agitators and also spin. The front load washers on the other hand don’t have agitators but internally in the drum they have vanes that help tumble the clothes around.

  • Which cleans better?

Front load washing machines are very gentle with clothes whereas top-loaders can get rough on your clothes. Also, top loaders might not be able to wash comforters or the large sized clothing but that gets easier with front-load washing machines.

  • Pricing for Top Load Vs Front Load washers

Front-load washing machines are priced higher than the top load washers. But considering the benefits that the front loader provides, the price evens out. Front load washing machines saves energy and is also water efficient, cleans better and accommodates all types of fabric which the top-load washer might not be able to offer the same kind of features with same efficiency.

  • Water usage in front vs top load machines

The future of water for the coming generations is a doubtful phenomenon. Hence saving water has become a top priority for the entire universe. The front load washer usually consumes less water as well as electricity than the top load washers.

  • Flexibility of Installation

Installing a front load or top load washer is no rocket science but it is a game of space. Considering the space availability in a home, the installation of the washers is planned either horizontally or vertically to make use of the remaining space in the form od cabinets, storage or even leave it free to walk around.

Make sure to contact our trained staff at ARS to give further details about washer or dryer service and maintenance.

  • Spin Speed

Front Loaders usually spin faster than the top loading washers which implies that when you move the clothes to the dryer, more water will already be removed from the clothes. The flip side of this is that the spin on front loaders generally cause the washers to vibrate which makes noise that people don’t like much.

To make it easier to analyse the difference between two, check below:

Washing Machine Specification
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Shopping for a washer is definitely not a one-man decision but will involve discussion between the family with regard to space, location, variant and several other factors. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our staff at ARS and we shall guide you on the best fit and the maintenance and washer repair services that will be required.