Making chocolate cookies? Or calling friends on a Pizza party?

This electrical appliance might not be used every day, but you also cannot go a week without using this. Any appliance requires regular maintenance, but might still stop working at any time. A quick fix always helps, even better, to know an appliance repair services technician.

There are a few things that you can do yourself to check and repair but make sure to unplug the machine from its power source when you try. If you feel unsure or unsafe, just call in the pros!


But what are the common problems due to which an oven stops working and need repair?

1. The oven wont heat

Before putting the food in the oven, we preheat it. If you find that the oven displays a higher temperature than what you set, or your food is not cooked the usual style, there can be problem with the temperature control. Make sure to check the temperature sensor. You can also opt for an ohmmeter to check if the sensor is functioning right.

If the igniter has a problem and you need to replace it, you can try doing it yourself of for varied oven styles, call us and we shall be happy to help you.

Quick Tip: Check the “How to calibrate the oven” in the owner’s manual. You just need to press and hold a few buttons and the oven should be all set.

2. The Oven is off and wont start

First check if the plug of the oven is rightly set up. After plugging it in well, if the oven is receiving power but still is not functioning, there could be other reasons like a broken wire, control element, problem in broil, igniter to be replaced etc.

Take a look but if you find it unsafe or doubt the risk of an electric shock, call in an appliance professional.

Quick tip: Check the junction box for any tripped circuit breakers & you may try to set them up.

3. Oven door is not closing

Unplug the unit prior to starting any work on the oven. After restring power, gently move the door lock lever and see If this helps. If not, you may need to replace the hinge which will require you to disassemble the unit. The springs might be broken or you might have to replace the silicone or rubber gasket around the door. You can call in a technician to fix the issue. The door sensor may possibility need to be replaced.

4. Gas burner won’t light

For the gas ovens, a good suggestion would be to light the range burners with a match to check if the electrical ignition is working. If this doesn’t happen, try troubleshooting it. Clean any grease or food debris inside, clean all wires connecting the igniter to controller. If you find out a loose connection, fix it. If the burner still won’t light, replace the igniter or dial us to help fix the issue.

5. Oven won’t Self-clean

If the self-cleaning cycle stops in your oven, first make sure that you start each cycle correctly by setting times and knobs right. Manual cleaning also is required to some extent here. If the self-cleaning cycle doesn’t work, there can be chances that the door lock motor & switch has to be replaced or the thermostat or any other component where you ARS can help you to determine the major cause and repair it the right way.

Quick Tip: Remember to check if the door switch is locking the oven properly without which a self-cleaning cycle cannot start.

Simpler issues can be troubleshooted and fix by yourselves but for the issues that involves special skills and tools, an appliance repair specialist whom you can trust upon & is knowledgeable is the best to contact immediately. ARS is focused on providing the best appliance repair services in Toronto and GTA. The group has expert professionals in repairing all kind of appliances by striving to minimize your cost & provide high-quality, same day repairs