How long have you had that shiny Samsung or Frigidaire washing machine, the one you dished out the big bucks on? A year? Maybe two? And now something has gone wrong, terribly wrong. You need professional washer repair.

The door won’t open and is keeping your poor clothes hostage. Or maybe some tubing has come out of the back and your laundry room is flooded. You only really have three options at this point and two of them won’t be so great for your wallet – or your sanity. Do you pay for a new machine? Try to fix it yourself? Or do you go for professional washer repair?


Option 1

The Apple method. What IS the Apple method you ask? Well it’s quite simple really, and you’ve probably been doing it unconsciously for years. In this techie world that we live in, the idea of professional washer repair can seem like a relic of a time long past.

You’ve been trained by modern companies to buy buy buy and that essentially made the concept of a washing machine which lasts more than a year or two seem as likely as a Hummer that gets a 100 miles on the gallon. So as soon as something goes wrong you think you’re forced into paying close to or even over a thousand dollars for a new machine when all you really need is professional washer repair that will end up costing you cents on the dollar compared to what you’d have to spend on a new machine.

Option 2

The DIY method. A few valves and tubing out of place? Some minor flooding? A locked out washer door? Piece of cake is what you might be thinking, but unless you are a certified electrician and have professional washer repair knowledge and expertise under your belt, the DIY method is probably not for you.

While option one may bust your wallet, option two may bust your back, literally as well as metaphorically.

There’s a reason for that old adage where a man calls to ask a garage if he can fix the car himself and the mechanic is very keen on having him do so. The man, confused, wonders why the mechanic is so eager to let him do it himself.

And the mechanic finally responds that letting the man try and fix it himself first will usually end with more problems for the mechanic to fix and eventually, more money to the mechanic. Whether it be car troubles or washer troubles, a professional washer repair (or car repair) can help you save in the long run.

The problem in the machine could be anything from a problem with the motor, a faulty wire, or water dripping onto electrical parts. All bad news if you’re looking to get your hands dirty for the first time with your not so professional, professional washer repair. Sometimes it’s just better to leave it to the experts.

Option 3

The Professional Washer Repair method – Ah here we are, the piece de resistance of this article, the professional washer repair. We’ve gone through all the alternatives and come to the rather sensible conclusion that professional repair is the safest, cheapest and most reliable method to get the most out of your washer.

With professional washer repair you get the peace of mind of knowing that your washer is in the best hands for it. You don’t have to dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new washer like it’s the latest iPhone, you just need to get professional washer repair. You wont have to worry as the professional washer repair men and women will be doing all the work for you.