If you are looking for affordable appliance repair services and you own any household machines then you must have noticed that they seem to require appliance repair at the worst times possible. Need to wash everything before a vacation? Great time to have that washing machine door jammed, or the dryer not turning on, or the clothes iron needing appliance repair, take your pick!

What’s even less exciting is the prospect of dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new appliances. Because how many of us still use an affordable appliance repair service? Did you know that a new fridge could cost you anywhere from $600 to (yikes!) $4000, and a new washing machine can potentially set you back a cool $500-$2000?


Now’s the time to get back to the good old days of fixing what is broken, rather than buying new stuff every time something is wrong and getting appliance repair service.

The Best Affordable Appliance Repair in GTA!

When your car door is not closing properly, or your windshield wipers are not working, going to a dealership and putting a down payment on a nice new car is probably not the first thing you think of (maybe it’s the first thing you think of, but it definitely won’t be the first thing you do).

Because hey, who doesn’t have several thousand dollars laying around just for this situation, right? So why do we shy away from appliance repair services? Imagine the money that can be saved on a few extra years of use from each of your appliances if you use appliance repair services. Think of how long your fridge has been in use; it would make sense that some basic fridge repair is required every now and then, just to keep it working right.

Speaking of a fridge, how is it going to get to the refrigerator repair service? You don’t have a pick up truck and no way of transporting it. Well, I guess it’s time to get a new one, stores usually offer delivery so it’s more convenient.

But wait, some of these appliance repair services like ARS actually come to your home to do the job. Thereby eliminating the need for moving anything around. So remember, if you are concerned over having to bring your large items to service locations, don’t worry, ARS technicians will service the appliance at your location!

As with everything else, it makes sense to shop around for the right appliance repair service for you. Consider that whatever place you choose, you could end up getting all of your appliances repaired through the same appliance repair service for years to come. Which means building a relationship, developing trust, and, of course, possible discounts down the road!

In our day and age, chasing after the latest tech and having the newest gadgets is a pretty popular phenomenon. Especially if The Joneses got it first, right? And this concept certainly contradicts using an appliance repair service. Consider who this is benefiting, certainly not you (unless you own a big appliance company).

All the big companies make a pretty penny off everyone who buys new stuff every two years. Consider your current financial plans, perhaps a few calls to your appliance repair service can be the difference between a vacation at Niagara Falls or a Vacation at Orlando, Florida!

Next time you need an appliance repair service, give us a call, check out our services, you never know when we will save you some money and headache, or have some kind of a promotion.

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