The perfect Instagram photos, tummy-full snacks, and long chit-chats. After an amazing night spent with your family or friends cherishing that favourite lamb burgers and steaks, all that is left now is a messy dirty barbecue. Those carbon deposits on the grills and interiors does not only make it ugly but also forms unhealthy bacteria. Don’t frown! ARS brings your simple, quick and handy tips to clean the BBQ.

Before we get into tips, take note of the steps involved in any cleaning process with BBQ:

BBQ Cleaning

Step 1 – Remove and clean the grates

Remove the cool grates and brush off as much residue that you can with a scrubber. Soak them in a solution of dish liquid, like Dawn, mixed in hot water. Soak them for 15-30 minutes, if they are still dirty, you may soak them again with some more hot water. Remove and rinse the grates well and let them dry.

Step 2 – Clean the grill’s interior

Once you remove the grates, clean the interiors with any brush or scrub pads. Make sure to empty the ash catcher. Clean the pan in warm soapy water as well. Wipe off dry.

Step 3 – Clean the grill’s exterior

Make a solution of water and liquid soap and clean the exterior of the BBQ, the handle, side trays and if there are any bottom doors. You may use a sponge pad or a cloth to clean them sparkling new.

BBQ Cleaning can take a little time of yours, but it is important to keep it neat before and after using it every time.

Check these easy home remedies to clean your BBQ.

  1. Try steam cleaning:

When all that food in your BBQ is over and it starts to cool down, cover the grill with water-soaked newspaper and then close the lid of the BBQ. The steam inside will help loosen the leftover and residues and you may then easily wipe it off.

How much time? For a good steam clean, leave the grill shut for 30 minutes.

  • Try an onion:

Voops! No joke! When the BBQ starts cooling down, just fork an onion and rub it over the hot grill bars. This will help to remove any food that is stuck on it and makes it easier to clean the rest.

  • Try Vinegar:

Another easy kitchen remedy is Vinegar. It’s as simple as mixing 500ml of vinegar to the same amount of water in a spray can. You can then just spray this solution onto the grill and leave it for few minutes. Later, scrub the grill and its interior to get that sparkling new BBQ back.

  • Try Baking Soda:

This might sound to you the easiest of hacks. Sprinkle some baking soda all over the grill and the interiors. Sponge the grill later, until all baking soda vanishes.

  • Grill Cleaning formulas:

Plentiful available in the market. These are easily available, just follow the instructions on the cleaner, and the spark will be alive again on your BBQ. Make sure to avoid the heavy scented or harmful formulas. Purchase specialised BBQ cleaners which are safe to use and doesn’t harm the health or changes the taste of food.

  • Try Hot Water:

If all the above does not work for that hard BBQ of yours, scrub the grill with hot, soapy water. This will loosen and remove all the leftovers.

General Maintenance Tips:

  • Brush the grills after every use of BBQ, a long-handled wire brush can always help
  • Clean your BBQ every few months, depending upon usage
  • Conduct a complete clean-up of BBQ at least once per year.
  • Make sure to clean the cooking surface before and after every BBQ use
  • Cover the grill after every use

Best Tip of the day:

Invest in a good weather-resistant BBQ cover. Always keep it covered when not using the BBQ.


When you steam, it can cause scalding. So make sure to turn off the BBQ burner and wait for a few minutes before you open the lip. Keep children away to avoid any issues or unforeseen damages that may arrive.

For Repairs:

Like all other electronic appliances, every machine at some point will require repairs. You can contact ARS for BBQ repair, the best appliances repair Services in Toronto and GTA area. We repair all major brands and strive to provide the best and same day service with our most qualified and certified staff.

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