We all know how it gets pretty horrible when we need something at a very moment and can’t have it. Take for instance one nice afternoon in April I got a surprising visit from a friend who came over with her family to spend some time with me, leaving me the responsibility of fixing them with a good home prepared lunch since we couldn’t go out to eat we settled to make some really good home prepared food for the lunch.

And there came the saddest moment when you try to put your food on the fire you discover that the stove is not working and realize that you need a fix for your stove to be up and running, To make sure lunch is ready for the visiting family I had to figure out what to do, whether to eat out or settle for something else.

I finally had to settle to have the stove repaired, since I don’t know any stove repair shop around I had to call a friend in town.


Another important thing I took note of is having a reliable stove repair service around who can rectify the faulty stove and do a quick oven repair that won’t put a hole in my pocket. I had to call Cherry, a good friend of mine who gave me a referral with excitement on her voice she gladly told me her experience with her oven and how the repair guys from Appliances Repair Services did a repair on her oven and never had to experience a particular heating problem with her oven, at the end of our conversation she gladly gave me a name and number of the company.

I hanged up and called Appliances Repair Services, the phone ranged and I explained my stove problem to the repair guy who politely ask me some questions which I answered, he told me that I had nothing to worry about, he took my address and said he will be able to come over to my house within an hour.

40 minutes later I had my door bell ranged, it was the repair guy with a gentle smile on his face carrying his tool box, I horridly showed him the way to the kitchen he checked the stove and took him the best part of 20 minutes to changed what was bad in my stove.

To my surprise the price was very affordable and he was very professional and helpful. I finally had to prepare a wonderful lunch for the visiting family and have to save the cost of eating out.

I will recommend this service to anybody that needs a professional oven repairs that won’t put a hole in your pocket. The service was fast and I will recommend this service to anybody and I will always be calling again if need be, thanks again. I had a wonderful home prepared lunch with my friend and her family, thanks.