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If you have never needed HVAC repair Stouffville before you may not know what to look for in a repair company. If you do not know how to identify a qualified and experienced company, you may end up spending more for repairs than you would like. You may also end up hiring someone who ends up damaging your system even worse. Therefore it is critical that you know how to locate and contact someone who can help you with your problem properly.

It is always a good idea to ask an HVAC repair company questions before you agree to let them start working on your system. You may want to ask whether they have parts in stock that will fit your system and whether they have been qualified by the manufacturer to repair specific systems. Some companies want technicians to have certain licenses or certifications in order to perform work without voiding a systems warranty.

You may also want to make sure that they have an emergency number that you can contact if there are any problems. Any company that you deal with in Stoufville, Ontario, Canada should be available even if your system stops working on a weekend or in the evening. Although it may seem obvious, you will also want to make sure that a company will provide you with a report about what was wrong with the system and an estimate regarding how much repairs will cost.

A reputable company will be more than willing to answer your questions and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. They will be able to discuss what the best course of action is and suggest alternatives that may work depending on what your repair budget is.

If you need HVAC repair Stouffville please use our contact form to get in touch with one of our specialists. They will inspect your system and provide you with an estimate covering the cost of the repairs you need. A trained and licensed technician will then be able to perform the work quickly, accurately and affordably. Call us today!

We Also provide Appliance repair in Stouffville.

Best HVAC Repair Services in Stouffville

Winters in Canada are harsh, to say the least. And, you’ve to brave it out to your place of work in almost sub-zero temperatures. You have your hands full during the winter months with mowing the yard and other activities. At such times, after a hard day at work, you surely look forward to a warm, cozy home at the end of the day. Just imagine stepping inside your home and finding it to be cold! The thought itself is so uncomfortable! Well! This can happen to anyone if their HVAC system malfunctions. What do you do when you face such a situation? You’ll rush to check the temperature setting of your HVAC system only to find that it shows the same temperature that you had adjusted it to. This can be a very frustrating experience!

However if you stay in Stouffville, you really do not have to bear this inconvenience! All you need to do is simply call an ARS technician for your HVAC repair! He will ensure that your HVAC system is back to work quickly so that you are comfortable like you were before!

ARS is a company that provides repair services for a wide variety of home appliances. We have experienced technicians who can repair different brands of refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, cooking range, and many more. We also provide repair services for HVAC systems.

An HVAC system functions to make the environment inside your home comfortable.

It has 4 basic functions:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Purifying the indoor air
  • Eliminating humidity in the indoor air

An HVAC system needs to be taken care of to ensure that it works seamlessly. It needs to be kept clean and tuned regularly. Although you can take care of the cleaning aspect of the HVAC system, you will require a professional for tuning it from time to time. ARS technicians can help maintain your HVAC system optimally.

Why ARS?

  • First of all, ARS offers HVAC repair services in Stouffville 24/7. At ARS, we understand that your HVAC system can fail at any time and our technicians will be at your doorstep to repair it for you as soon as you want us to.
  • An HVAC system can fail due to several reasons. Only an expert technician can diagnose the real reason. The technicians at ARS are well-experienced and knowledgeable about different brands of HVAC systems and can diagnose the real reason for the malfunction and rectify it.
  • Whenever any home appliance fails, it is recommended to get it repaired by an authorized technician since he has the necessary knowledge for repairing it. ARS is an authorized service center for a wide variety of brands.
  • When your HVAC system malfunctions, you’ll want it to be set it right as soon as possible. ARS assures same-day repairs of your HVAC systems.
  • ARS offers genuine replacement parts and also provides a warranty for the parts and services.
  • An HVAC system requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions in a hassle-free manner. ARS provides regular maintenance service for your HVAC system at affordable rates. Our maintenance staff will check your system for leaks, faulty wiring, refrigerant charge level, etc.
  • The services of ARS are very reasonable too.

What are the problems with your HVAC system that an ARS technician can help you with?

  • HVAC system not cooling.
  • An HVAC system, not heating.
  • Water leakage in the indoor unit.
  • Outdoor unit not shutting off.
  • The indoor fan keeps running continuously.
  • Noisy outdoor unit.

Besides these problems with your HVAC system, you can seek the help of an ARS technician if you are expanding your home or moving into a new home. When you need to install an HVAC system on your premises, our technicians will do the necessary calculations and suggest the appropriate capacity of the HVAC system that needs to be installed.

For any kind of HVAC repair services in Stouffville, contact ARS today!

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Reviews from Our Customers

james enns
September 22, 2023
Fast and easy to deal with.. fixed properly
Dorie Stewart
September 15, 2023
We had an issue with our LG oven - not heating properly. The technician arrived on time, knew exactly what the issue was within 5 minutes and promptly fixed the problem. He was pleasant and knowledgeable and also gave me tips on how to prevent it from happening again. I would strongly recommend this company - very efficient!
Jerri Loewig
September 14, 2023
ARS repaired our refrigerator. They were very professional and cooperative. They were also helpful in working with the manufacturer in resolving the out of warranty issue. We would like to acknowledge Ghila Birman for her excellent customer service.