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If you are a business owner in Pickering, Ontario Canada, you may not be thinking about the HVAC system that may be installed in your store, office or warehouse. Often, these systems get overlooked until the time comes when they are not working properly. Then, a business owner may find that there are unexpected problems that come as a result of not being able to heat or cool their space efficiently.

There are some ways that a commercial HVAC system is different than a residential one. While both systems may have heating and air conditioning components built into the same unit they may be put together in a different way than a residential unit would be. Often, a residential unit is designed to need regular maintenance such as filter changes whereas many commercial units will not.

These systems also have some things in common as well though. They all use a similar method of changing the air temperature and then blowing it through a system of ducts so that it can spread more easily through the space that is being covered by the furnace. Some of these components will often need regular servicing regardless of whether or not they are in a residential or commercial unit.

Often, with residential systems, a homeowner may be able to perform some of these tasks themselves. They may be able to check coolant pressure limits and take a look to see if a blower fan is working or not. This is because a residential unit is usually located in an area of the home that is easily accessible. They may also be able to check ductwork or look to see if there are any visible issues before calling a repair technician.

If you have a residential unit or you need help with your HVAC repair Pickering needs, make sure you use our contact form in order to get in touch with our technicians. We are reliable, experienced and reasonably priced and look forward to helping you get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

We Also provide Appliance repair in Pickering.

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  • nicola dent

    Peter was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. He took the time to diagnose the issue with my dishwasher and then followed by explaining and showing me exactly what the issue was. He explained his plan to fix the issue and identified the potential issues that would follow should additional work or parts be needed. Luckily his first solution worked perfectly. He stayed to ensure a test of the dishwasher worked and that I was happy with the resolution. He also took the time to explain a separate issue I was having with the fridge while we were waiting for the dishwasher test to happen. Peter was a great technician to have on their team - very knowledgeable, professional and personal... great experience and highly recommended.

  • Ariel Ginzburg

    I am very impressed with the warranty provided service from ARS. They went the extra mile for me when parts and personnel were available. They came when scheduled and fixed the issue momentarily. Washing machine has been working like a dream since. Would highly recommend.

  • Jamie Frank

    Sam was our repair person and was fantastic. Very efficient, personable, explained things clearly, made sure our dryer was working properly & with proper airflow and cleaned up afterwards such that we did not know he had been her.

    Highly recommend Sam.

    Great job & took the pain out of appliance repairs.


  • David Grossman

    I had never known about ARS Repair in Concord until now - when I needed service for a fridge. Booking an appointment was great. Service representative came 15 minutes earlier than arranged. He was polite, said things would be fixed, examined every thing that was wrong and then went to work. Result: Fixed. What impressed me a great deal (and his name is ABI) was his genuine kindness, professionalism, gave me his cell number to call if problem returned, said he would check with me in a few days. This man, I would hire in a jiffy. A superb ambassador for ARS. He's the one to ask for when you call ARS Repair.

  • Carrie Li

    Sam - he was great! Very knowlegeable and helpful! Offered to help with anything else if if was LG! Very polite as well. Thanks for fixing our problem Sam!


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