Hotpoint Appliances Repair

hotpoint aristonThe Hotpoint Electric Company or simply Hotpoint is an American and European brand of household appliances. The story of Hotpoint starts in 1911, Ontario, California. The company’s name was based on the hot point of the first revolutionary electric iron (which was invented by Earl Richardson in 1905).

Hotpoint was a leading company in terms of offering guarantee policies (90-day replacement) and had early advancements such as refrigerator on wheels (1953).

When producing their products, Hotpoint mainly focuses on practical design and elements that are easy to use while considering the market prices to make fair costs. The Hotpoint official website offers services for refrigerators, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers (including all the different models and prices).

Once you open your purchased item, you are able to register it online. In case you have any problem with a Hotpoint product, you can use the great support services that are offered on the website which include an online chat that works 24\7. On a quick note, make sure that you choose the contact us (Americas) which would direct you to the correct phone and email.

If you’re looking for Hotpoint appliances repair, you can schedule service online or by phone and get a certified GE technician straight to your home. Overall, what started as a small electric shop has become one of the largest and most influential home appliance brands.