Gaggenau Appliances Repair

gaggenau-logoNot many people know that the worldwide popular brand of Gaggenau Hausgera (also known as Gaggenau Home Appliances) originally started in a small village called, Gaggenau, in Germany. The company began its way in 1683 as a store selling nails and household goods. At the time, the pioneer Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm Von Baden primarily opened his shop to increase the sources of income for the farmers.

Some major home appliances sold by Gaggenau are ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. In 2008, the company won the IF Design Awards in every category that had nominations.

Even though during 1944 almost all of the available locations were destroyed by allied bombs, Gaggenau succeeded in rehabilitating and opening new locations around the world. Now an industry, the company offers not only home appliances but sophisticated accessories and custom designed kitchens. Some locations around the world include showrooms that portray the new style Gaggenau brings into the field of interior design.

When talking about quality, Gaggenau has it all, the use of new materials combined with the outside look is something that was never seen before. On the Gaggenau official website, there is a division between continents and countries. Once you choose the appropriate country, select the column that says “contact us”. Customers are able to contact the company via telephone or through an online message option.

New customers are able to register their product under Support > Downloads. The submenu has info for existing products and their model numbers. Gaggenau makes sure all their customers are treated with special care and make sure to uphold their prestige reputation.