Appliance Repair Woodbridge

Appliance Repair Woodbridge


When it comes to trustworthy appliance repair services in Woodbridge, we’ve got you covered. Our team of highly skilled professionals is always prepared to deliver top-notch service at affordable rates. Quality and cost are pivotal considerations when seeking refrigerator repair, stove repair, dishwasher repair, or any appliance repair service.

Quality holds great importance—you want services that endure the test of time. No one wants to revisit the same issue shortly after getting their dryer repaired. For reliable appliance repairs in Woodbridge, contact us today. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Reliable: Appliance Repair Woodbridge

When your appliance repair service falls short, it’s not just an inconvenience – it’s a waste of your time and money. We believe in providing top-notch service that gets it right the first time. Quality is paramount when it comes to appliance repair in Woodbridge.

Before entrusting an appliance service provider, do your homework on their reputation. Seek feedback from past customers or those with similar needs. Online reviews and comments are valuable resources for gauging service quality. Don’t settle for less; choose reliable appliance repair in Woodbridge. Contact us today for your repair needs. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Comprehensive Installation;  Appliance Repair Woodbridge

Choosing the right home appliances involves considering various factors such as design, capacity, size, power rating, and complexity. But even the most well-designed appliances can develop faults over time. When this happens, you don’t have to resort to manual household chores. Our skilled technicians in Woodbridge are here to provide top-notch repair services.

Whether you’re in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or the Greater York Region, you can rely on ARS for high-quality appliance repairs. Say goodbye to the hassle of malfunctioning appliances and embrace the convenience of our services. Contact us today for Appliance Repair in Woodbridge.

Let us take a look at some key factors to consider about your home appliances.

Maximum Capacity

Maximum capacity refers to the maximum volume of load that your home appliances can accommodate. Overloading your home appliances beyond the maximum capacity can cause your home appliance to develop a fault. However, when such faults arise, do not be alarmed because ARS technicians will help you troubleshoot the likely cause-and-effect repairs.

Factory Design

Every home appliance has a unique factory design. For ovens, dryers, warming drawers, etc., they come with a maximum allowable temperature. All home appliances are designed for a particular purpose. Some appliances are suitable for wet operations while others are suitable for dry operations. However, some home appliances are suitable for both wet and dry operations.

Power Rating

Power rating refers to the highest power input allowed to flow into your household; each appliance comes with its own power rating.

The Complexity of Appliance Installation

Some home appliances come with complex designs that are difficult to install. Installing your appliance incorrectly can lead to poor performance of the appliance and, in some cases, it can result in complete damage to the appliance. At ARS, our well-trained and experienced technicians can help you with your appliance installation to ensure maximum efficiency.

Appliance Size

The size of your appliance refers to the weight of the appliance or the area it covers. Some appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, are usually heavier and it might be difficult for you to move them down to our office in Woodbridge for repair. We offer home service repairs, and our technicians are just a call away from your home. You can reach us via our phone lines or contact us on Facebook, and we will be on our way to repair your faulty appliances.

Available 24/7

Appliance issues can arise at any time, day or night. That’s why we offer round-the-clock services, 24/7, without additional charges. Whether it’s a regular weekday, a bustling weekend, or even a holiday, our dedicated team is always ready to address your appliance concerns promptly.

Certified Parts

We use only certified parts directly from manufacturers to ensure the highest quality repairs for your appliances.


We stand by our work, offering warranties on all parts and repairs, providing you with peace of mind.

Same Day Service

For emergency repairs, we offer same-day service to minimize any disruption to your daily routine.

Weekends & Evenings

Our services are available on Saturdays, Sundays, and weekdays from 8 AM to 9 PM, accommodating your busy schedule.

Service Call Waived

If you proceed with the repair, we waive the service call fee, making our services cost-effective.

What We Repair:

At ARS Appliance Repair Scarborough, we specialize in repairing a wide range of household and business appliances, including but not limited to: dishwasher repair, washing machine repair, range and stove repair, dryer repair, fridge repair, tv repair and more.

Refrigerator Repair

Get quick, transparent refrigerator repairs in Toronto, GTA, Ottawa & Southern Ontario with ARS. Our licensed technicians fix temperature issues and more, ensuring your fridge runs smoothly.

>> Refrigerator Repair Services 

Oven Repair

Keep cooking with confidence. ARS offers prompt oven repairs in Southern Ontario for temperature problems and faulty elements, ensuring reliable performance.

>> Oven Repair Services

Dishwasher Repair

Restore your dishwasher’s performance fast with ARS. From drainage problems to pump issues, we provide expert repairs with transparent pricing. We’re located across all of Southern Ontario, and also service Ottawa!

>> Dishwasher Repair Services

Washer Repair

Keep your laundry flowing smoothly with ARS. Our technicians swiftly diagnose and fix washer issues in Southern Ontario, ensuring clean clothes every time.

>> Washer Repair Services

Stove Repair

Don’t let a malfunctioning stove slow you down. ARS provides fast, reliable repairs for burner and ignition issues in Southern Ontario, including Ottawa. We’re your top choice for Stove Repair! Call us today!

>> Stove Repair Services

Dryer Repair

Don’t let damp clothes hold you back. ARS provides fast, reliable dryer repairs in Southern Ontario, tackling heating and drum problems quickly and efficiently.

>> Dryer Repair Services

Refrigerator Repair Faults

  • Poor Draining: Our technicians address issues related to poor draining, ensuring efficient removal of excess water.
  • Difficulty in Defrosting: If your refrigerator struggles with defrosting, we identify and resolve the root cause promptly.
  • Improper Cooling: We tackle problems related to improper cooling, ensuring your refrigerator maintains the right temperature.
  • Strange Sounds: Unusual sounds are diagnosed and fixed to ensure your refrigerator operates silently.
  • Compromised Ice Dispenser: Any issues with the ice dispenser are resolved to restore its functionality.
  • Defective Water Dispenser: Our experts address water dispenser malfunctions, ensuring a seamless water supply.
  • Faulty Lights: If your refrigerator lights are faulty, we replace or repair them for optimal illumination.

Dishwasher Repair Faults

  • Low Water Temperatures: We address issues causing low water temperatures during the dishwashing cycle.
  • Film-Coated Dishes After Washing: Our technicians troubleshoot and resolve problems leading to film-coated dishes.
  • Poor Drainage: We fix drainage issues to ensure proper disposal of water after each wash.
  • Inability to Fill Up with Water: Problems hindering the dishwasher from filling up with water are efficiently addressed.
  • Broken Timer: If the timer is broken, we repair or replace it to restore the dishwasher’s functionality.

Freezer Repair Faults

  • Increased Buildup of Frost: Excessive frost buildup is eliminated, restoring optimal freezer conditions.
  • Faulty Freezer Door: Problems with the freezer door are fixed to ensure proper sealing.
  • Accumulated Frost on the Freezer’s Coil: We address issues causing frost accumulation on the freezer coil.
  • Warmth Inside the Freezer: Problems affecting the temperature inside the freezer are diagnosed and resolved.
  • Loud Sounds: Unusual noises are identified and fixed for quiet freezer operation.
  • Failure to Freeze: Issues causing the freezer to fail in freezing are efficiently resolved.
  • Damaged Lights: Faulty lights in the freezer are repaired or replaced for proper illumination.

Washer Repair Faults

  • Failure of the Washer to Spin: Problems preventing the washer from spinning are diagnosed and fixed.
  • Broken Washer Door: If the washer door is broken, we repair or replace it for secure operation.
  • Leaky Ducts: Leaks in the ducts are addressed to prevent water spillage.
  • Inability of the Washer to Fill Properly: Issues hindering proper water filling are efficiently resolved.
  • Failure to Turn On: If the washer fails to turn on, we identify and fix the underlying problems.
  • Strange, Loud Noises: Unusual noises during operation are diagnosed and fixed for a quieter washing experience.
  • Failure to Run Through Cycles: Problems preventing the washer from running through cycles are efficiently resolved.
  • Errors on the Digital Display: Any errors displayed on the digital screen are addressed to ensure accurate operation.

Oven Repairs Faults

  • Leaking of Gas: Gas leaks are addressed promptly to ensure safety.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: Problems causing temperature fluctuations are diagnosed and resolved.
  • Damaged Heating Elements: Faulty heating elements are repaired or replaced for optimal oven performance.
  • Poor Functioning of the Burners: Issues affecting burner performance are efficiently resolved.
  • Failure to Ignite: Problems preventing the oven from igniting are diagnosed and fixed.

Dryer Repair Faults

  • Inability of the Dryer to Properly Dry Clothes: Issues causing inefficient drying are identified and resolved.
  • Poor Heating: Problems leading to poor heating are diagnosed and fixed for efficient drying.
  • Unusual Noise: Unusual noises during operation are diagnosed and fixed for a quieter drying experience.
  • Inability to Start: If the dryer fails to start, we identify and fix the underlying problems.
  • Damp Clothing After a Drying Cycle: Problems causing damp clothing after drying are efficiently resolved.
  • Dryer Not Heating Up: Issues preventing the dryer from heating up are identified and fixed.

Wine Cooler Faults

  • Inability of the Condenser Fan to Run: Problems preventing the condenser fan from running are efficiently resolved.
  • Faulty Evaporator: Issues affecting the evaporator are diagnosed and fixed for optimal wine cooling.
  • Defective Thermostat: Problems with the thermostat are addressed to ensure accurate temperature control.
  • Warm Room Temperature: Issues causing elevated room temperature are diagnosed and resolved.
  • Lack of Proper Ventilation: Ventilation problems are efficiently resolved for proper wine cooler function.
  • Broken Fan: A broken fan is repaired or replaced to ensure proper air circulation.
  • Loud Noise: Unusual noises are identified and fixed for quiet wine cooler operation.
  • Lights Not Coming On: Faulty lights are repaired or replaced for proper illumination inside the wine cooler.

Brands We Repair

Our expertise extends to repairing various appliance brands, including Admiral, Jenn-Air, Thermador, Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, Viking, Amana, and Dacor.

Authorized and Factory-Licensed on All Major Appliance Brands

Rest assured that the brand of your appliance is not a concern, as we are authorized and factory-licensed by all major brands to perform repairs on their appliances. We source all our parts directly from the brands or their authorized distributors, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity for your repairs.

Contact Us Today

Don’t wait until your appliance problems escalate. If you reside in Woodbridge and encounter any of these issues, contact us immediately. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide a solution promptly. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and your convenience is our priority. Let us keep your life running smoothly, one appliance repair at a time.




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Reviews from Our Customers

james enns
September 22, 2023
Fast and easy to deal with.. fixed properly
Dorie Stewart
September 15, 2023
We had an issue with our LG oven - not heating properly. The technician arrived on time, knew exactly what the issue was within 5 minutes and promptly fixed the problem. He was pleasant and knowledgeable and also gave me tips on how to prevent it from happening again. I would strongly recommend this company - very efficient!
Jerri Loewig
September 14, 2023
ARS repaired our refrigerator. They were very professional and cooperative. They were also helpful in working with the manufacturer in resolving the out of warranty issue. We would like to acknowledge Ghila Birman for her excellent customer service.