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If you are having some problem with your refrigerator and need repair service in Oshawa, rest assured that the problem is as good as solved. In town, we have highly skilled and professional appliance repair service providers who are ready to serve you at any time of the day. One of the most important aspects to look for a repair service provider is their level of skills in this area.

It is worth noting that not every Tom, Dick or Harry can carry out appliance repairs.It requires special skills and knowledge. Although it is not possible to tell whether somebody is skilled or knowledgeable in this area just by looking at them, it is necessary to establish before you hire them to give you stove repair service or any other appliance for that matter.

Appliance Repair Services for Oshawa and surrounding area

If you do it any other way, chances of having your appliances damaged are high. You do not want to gamble with your expensive dishwasher, be sure that the person who you are hiring has the skills to repair the appliance. It is very easy to establish this and it does not involve asking for credentials from every repair service providers, you are only required to ask for their license. The fact that they are licensed by the regulatory body means that they have passed the necessary test and they have in possession the required skills and knowledge to perform the task at hand.

Everybody who gets a license to offer these services must have proved to the regulatory body that he or she has the necessary capacity to successfully repair the appliance. When it comes to issues of a reliable appliance repair services, get a referral from those who have used the services and you are good to go. You will never get wrong with this one, you will definitely get the best of oven repair services or any other appliance for that matter.

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Oshawa, known as one of the safest places to live in the Toronto area is located in Ontario, Canada, and is home to approximately 160,000 citizens. With its roots tied to the Automotive Industry, which employs thousands both directly and indirectly, it is known to be the hub of young people who make use of appliances for their daily activities. Appliances such as Fridges, Ovens, and Coffee machines are heavily relied on by locals of Oshawa for ease of life.

ARS Appliance Repair Oshawa offer the best repair services at prices anyone can afford and are quite flexible in their service. We are known for having solid, trustworthy relationships with our customers, and we always keep in touch to make sure you don’t go a day worried about your appliances.

Give us a call today or book an appointment on our site and get quick services at your beck and call. Some of our top repair services include:

Refrigerator Repair Oshawa

Our ARS Appliance Repair Oshawa Technicians are always available to fix any problems that may arise with your refrigerator. We repair, service and refurbish refrigerators from top-notch appliance brands such as LG, Samsung, Fulgor Milano, Wolf, and even much more. If you’re facing any of the issues below, call us now;

  • Water dripping out
  • Faulty Compressor
  • Difficulty in defrosting
  • Poor cooling
  • Compromised Ice dispenser
  • Faulty water dispenser
  • Faulty lights

Range Hood Repair Oshawa

Rangehoods are absolutely essential in some Oshawa Homes and faults may arise in them as with other appliances. We at ARS Appliance Repair Oshawa Service have the skills necessary to fix your faulty Rangehoods. Book an appointment with us today to get fast quality repair service at the most affordable prices possible. These are some of the faults we can fix;

  • Overheating
  • Faulty thermometers
  • Chipped enamel
  • Oil cooker problems

Freezer Repair Oshawa

ARS Appliance Repair Oshawa have been recognized and approved by top brands such as Samsung, Wolf, LG, and others for their quality repairs. We also come highly recommended by customers. If your Freezer is faulty and you’re within the Oshawa area, we can remedy that. Call us today to book an appointment with our top technicians for any problems your Freezer may have such as;

  • Failure to start
  • Faulty cable
  • Accumulated frost on the freezer’s coil
  • Damaged lights
  • Increased buildup of frost
  • Faulty freezer door/compartment
  • Unusual Noise

Dishwasher Repair Oshawa

Dishwasher not working properly? If your dishes are not being washed as neatly as you would like, reach us at the ARS Appliance Repair Oshawa Service to get it back to brand new state in no time at a price you can afford. We also have home service package, so you don’t need to worry about transporting your Dishwasher. We can handle the following faults and more;

  • Poor drainage
  • Damaged timer
  • Inability to fill up with water
  • Low water temperatures
  • Film-coated dishes after washing

Oven Repair Oshawa

Everyone loves cakes and pies, so what happens when your Oven breaks down? Call us, we are always available and are just a call away, literally. So you don’t need to worry about rescheduling your baking schedule as we can have your Oven working perfectly in no time. ARS Appliance Repair Oshawa Services have the best technicians for any problems your Oven may have. We can troubleshoot and fix the following faults:

  • Leaking of gas
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Damaged heating elements
  • Poor functioning of the burners
  • Failure of oven to ignite

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  • nicola dent

    Peter was on time, polite and very knowledgeable. He took the time to diagnose the issue with my dishwasher and then followed by explaining and showing me exactly what the issue was. He explained his plan to fix the issue and identified the potential issues that would follow should additional work or parts be needed. Luckily his first solution worked perfectly. He stayed to ensure a test of the dishwasher worked and that I was happy with the resolution. He also took the time to explain a separate issue I was having with the fridge while we were waiting for the dishwasher test to happen. Peter was a great technician to have on their team - very knowledgeable, professional and personal... great experience and highly recommended.

  • Ariel Ginzburg

    I am very impressed with the warranty provided service from ARS. They went the extra mile for me when parts and personnel were available. They came when scheduled and fixed the issue momentarily. Washing machine has been working like a dream since. Would highly recommend.

  • Jamie Frank

    Sam was our repair person and was fantastic. Very efficient, personable, explained things clearly, made sure our dryer was working properly & with proper airflow and cleaned up afterwards such that we did not know he had been her.

    Highly recommend Sam.

    Great job & took the pain out of appliance repairs.


  • Zhoufeng Zheng

    Sam provide Nice service, efficient work. Kind attitude! Perfect experience! I will highly recommend him.

  • David Grossman

    I had never known about ARS Repair in Concord until now - when I needed service for a fridge. Booking an appointment was great. Service representative came 15 minutes earlier than arranged. He was polite, said things would be fixed, examined every thing that was wrong and then went to work. Result: Fixed. What impressed me a great deal (and his name is ABI) was his genuine kindness, professionalism, gave me his cell number to call if problem returned, said he would check with me in a few days. This man, I would hire in a jiffy. A superb ambassador for ARS. He's the one to ask for when you call ARS Repair.


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