Magic Chef Appliances Repair

magic-chef-logoWhat started out as a small tin shop in the city of St. Louis is now one of the best appliance brands in America. The story of Magic Chef begins in the 1850’s with a German immigrant named John Ringen. During its early years, the company was mainly known for their early washing machines and stoves that were given the name “Quick Meals”.
As time passed by, the small business gained more recognition and was bought by the national corporation of MCA. Apart from washing machines and stoves, the company added microwaves, compact refrigerators and other small kitchen appliances (since 1996).

Magic Chef is all about people. The MCA corporation ensures that the customer’s satisfaction is always above all. The company’s goal is to focus on improving current products while aspiring to create new, innovative ones. Behind Magic Chef, there is a hard-working group of devoted sales supporters who aim their attention on all the details in order to target any issues.

On the Magic Chef official website, they offer a variety of support for customers. Potential or existing clients are able to read Magic Chef Appliances Repair FAQs regarding their purchased products, they are also able to register their product online and order the needed parts or services. Manuals for different products as well as the model numbers are also available. Customers can contact the head office through email, phone, live chat, or mail. Once the company receives a request, they may send in a certified technician with regards to the issue and try to resolve it.