Authorized Avantgarde Wine Cooler Repair

avantgarde-logoAvantgarde is a French distribution company that is fairly new to the market, it mainly deals with wine coolers and cellars. A part of Avantgarde success belongs to the devoted and skilled staff members.

The company has a few goals in terms of viewing the future and living the present.  One of their goals has to do with meeting business partners and customers expectations while preserving the quality. Avantgarde is aware of the market prices when it comes to wine appliances and products. It is fairly stated that the prices are equal to other competing appliances.

Keeping customers’ expectations, quality and prices in mind, Avantgarde does strive to improve the current products and make them energy efficient as well as pleasant to the eye.

If you are in need of Avantgarde wine cooler repair, you may choose the menu link “Contact Us” on the company’s official website and click the location bar which will display available provinces.

After choosing the needed province, you will find many store locations, mailing address and phone number. Avantgarde has a magic, stylish touch to its products and is already widely known in Canada.


ARS is Authorized Avantgrade service center